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  • Yesterdays lunch at Fook Poh Claypot serving delicious Heng Hwa
  • Helo Sunday here is salted caramel soft serve from hariocafejakarta
  • Ketupat Sayur Padang Gulai Pakis 17K  Pasar Modern Intermoda
  • Roast duck noodle 79K kamsroastid  available for lunch time
  • Last weekend lunch this is Tori Kurozu deep fried chicken
  • Suddenly craving for Pontianak food after watching Aruna  Lidahnya
  • Last weekend lunch madamemaijkt pluitvillage This is bn G S
  • Miao style fish and frozen tofu with Mala spice 50K
  • First time eating at the old school Gandys Steakhouse I
  • Accidentally stumbled into this place called Lao Hoe amidst Pasar