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September 19, 2006 | CUISINE

5 things to eat before you dieRitha from Daun Pisang tagged me to list my “5 things to eat before you die”. Thanks Ritha ๐Ÿ™‚ The project was initiated by Melisa from The travelers lunch box. who got her inspiration from a list of the 50 things to eat before you die, compiled via a poll of BBC viewers and aired as a television show back in 2004.

It surely is hard to list, since I love so many food (pemakan segala), so it’s so difficult to me to narrow it down to 5 choices only *greedy*. So later I decided just to list the one I want to try in their original place in Indonesia, and here they are…

  • “Ayam Tangkap” (crispy fried spicy chicken with alot of temuruy/curry leaves, it’s so crispy even the leaves are like crackers), one of Aceh Signature dish. I ate one here in Jakarta at RM MEUTIA (they called it ‘ayam tsunami’ ๐Ÿ™ ) but I still want to try it in the capital city of Aceh: Banda Aceh.
  • “Naniura” : one of Bataknese authentic cuisine besides “panggang lomok-lomok” and “saksang”. Naniura usually make using gold fish, but not cooked. the (raw) fish was only marinated in lemon lime, tamarind and other spice & herbs. I want to eat this in Tanah Karo – North Sumatra.
  • “Gulai Itiak Samba Lado Hijau” (Duck Curry cooked with green chillies paste) at “ngarai sianok” West Sumatra. I’ve eat one here made by my friend’s Mom, but still want to try it in “ngarai sianok” ๐Ÿ™‚
  • “Babi Guling” (Balinese roast suckling pig). this one is a must must eat dish if you are happen to be in Bali. One of the most recommended restaurant serving this “Babi Guling” is Babi Guling Ibu Oka located at Ubud – Bali.
  • “Paniki” (Manado authentic cuisine made from bats). I’ve been curious to eat this item in Manado, North Sulawesi. since its very hard to find in Jakarta. mostly Manado restaurant in Jakarta served only ‘halal’ manado cuisine.

Next I’ll tag ….
Febi, Allee, Reza and GoodEater

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  • rizkapb

    i won’t eat bats for the rest of my life… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Reza

    Jen gue binggung deh, gue juga ada yang post comment di blog gue tapi anonymous. Katanya gue di tag buat blog itu tuh yang 5 things to eat itu. Ngak ngerti gue maksudnya apa. What does that mean Jen? Pingin nanya orangnya. Katanya suruh visit his/her website tapi ga tau websitenya. Orangnya aja ga tau.he3x. Can you help me out?

  • Reza

    Ok jen thanks for the quick response. I’ll work on that list soon. Haven’t even had the time to update my blog much though. thanks again.

  • Riana

    Nice list..
    I always wonder how Paniki tastes like. Lots of people said it’s soo good..

  • Ritha

    Wah. wah. Pengalaman traveling yg mengagumkan. Sering jalan2 ya, Jens? Untung deh, nemu site ini, jadi tau tempat2 makanan enak. Makasih dah share list nya ya… :).

  • venny

    Jenz, paniki kadang di beautika ada. Dulu si Jesse pernah fear factor di sana. Tapi gak tiap hari ada kali yah?

  • Arik

    Hmm Jenz….
    5 things kamu ok juga.
    Gw gak sengaja masuk ke t4 km ini.
    Paniki weel absolutely one of my 5.
    How about seafood? i recommended TUTURIGA(made from penyu and kenari plus a lot of mint leaves) and Kepiting Kenari dimasak santen(rare but unforgottable taste– kepiting kenari tuh gak seperti kepiting biasa coz its weight about 5 kgs.
    How aboy western food?

  • mbu

    3. “Gulai Itiak Samba Lado Hijau”
    It will be so much different when you taste the real “bebek ijo”. My grandma said that the spices are only grow there in ‘ngarai sianok’, or more precisely, a little village called ‘koto gadang’. [One of] my home town.. :’)

  • Ngacier

    3. “Gulai Itiak Samba Lado Hijau”
    wholeheartedly agree! hehe…..coba deh makan ni bebek di kotogadang… ada matinya!

  • alex

    “Gulai Itiak Samba Lado Hijau”
    Ada fotonya gak ?? penasaran banget neh,…!

  • michelle

    Jenz kalau mau nyobain Paniki itu gw udah review di Blog gw…enakan emang kiriman dari pelosok sulawesi sana tapi kalo di jakarta di ITC Ambassador oke juga lah..daripada enggak ada..hehehe..

  • miund

    Hai Jenz,
    Paniki paling enak sedunia adalah bikinan mama saya ๐Ÿ˜€
    Kami sekeluarga nggak makan babi, anjing atau binatang lain diluar sapi, ayam dan ikan… tapi paniki itu pengecualian.
    Tekstur dagingnya mirip daging sapi, dan warnanya seperti rendang. Ada aftertaste yang khas banget dari paniki, yang ga ada di daging lain. Nggak se-tajem daging kambing, tapi gak tasteless juga.
    Rekomendasi saya, cobain di Tinoor Baru yang di Gondangdia itu. That’s authentic paniki dish. Kalo kamu sangat hygiene conscious, mending beli dibungkus aja karena tempatnya rada kurang nyaman buat dine-in. In fact, ini satu-satunya resto Manado yang rasanya masih sangat otentik. Beautika udah rada ngalah di cakalang-nya karena rasanya rada manis padahal yang asli asin pedas.
    Selamat nyoba ya ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Andi

    mao coba paniki…
    cobain di daerah BSD deh ada nama restoran nya minahasa…
    menu manado yang disitu gak halal…
    menurut g di restoran ini rasanya yang paling mendekati rasa makanan manado…
    g dah pernah nyobain rw(anjing), paniki sama sate babinya smuanya enak…
    kalo harga masing2 harga seportinya skitara 20rb untuk sate babinya 5rb stusuk.

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