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Last week we got an invitation for birthday dinner held at “Ajengan restaurant”. located near melawai / blok M. From the moment we entered this place, I just love it. I like the inner garden in Balinese style, the entrance, foyer & the ambience of this place, so homy & cozy. They served an authentic Balinese Cuisine, and I bet the food will be as good as the place. 🙂


So here’s what we had that night : for appetizer we started with : some kind of Balinese nuts, a bowl of “rujak kuah pindang” (mango and kedondong fruit salad with pungent dressing mixed with fish broth) 10K, “Rujak Bancih” (Unripe papaya and bangkuang fruit salad with Bali fermented palm wine vinegar) 10K and “Tahu Gianjar” (tofu/soybean curd prepared with chili) 12.5K. For the main course : “Brengkes Udang” (shrimps prepared with Bali condiment wrapped with banana leaves), “Tum Be Siap” (chopped chicken meat prepared with Bali condiment wrapped with banana leaves) 15K, “Tuluh Tim Bebek” (stewed duck egg in a Bali condiment) 12.5K, “Bebek Garing Ajengan” (duck fried weldone served with white rice and chili, jukut kalaas together) 35K, “Be Pasih Jimbaran” (roasted fish served with Jimbaran various spicy side dishes) 50K, “Sate Lilit Ayam” (roasted on skewer small pieces of chicken meat) 20K , “Jukut Cantok” (vegetable containing legumes bean sprouts with bean condiment) 10K, “Jukut Ares / Nangka” (Edible banana stem / young jackfruit sauce with chicken broth and Bali special condiment) 12.5K, “Garang Asem” (squash vegetable with chicken sauce and Bali special condiment) 12.5K, “Jukut Lawar Nangka/Kacang Panjang” (chopped young jackfruit / legumes vegetable with rasped coconut and special Bali Condiment) 12.5K , “Be Siap Sisit” (ripped fried chicken mixed with shrimp condiment) 25K. all of this served with steamed rice and several type of sambal : sambal matah (crushed raw onion and chili). For Dessert we had : “Es campur Bali ala Ajengan” (Balinese ice coctail ala Ajengan) 17.5, “Fruit Honey Yoghurt ala Ubud” (Ubud various of fruits with honey and yoghurt) 15K & “Sanganan/Jajanan Bali” (various Bali sanganan /jajanan) 15K. overall I was very very impressed with the food. all of it were very delicious. in other words “enak, enak, enakkk” 🙂


Ajengan Restaurant
the authentic Bali cuisine

Jl. Panglima Polim I no.65
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 722-0227


  • wawabear

    wan jen, keliatannya enak yah, trus harga nya juga ga terlalu mahal…put this in the list..;)

  • boeds

    ayam betutunya Jen??
    Apa aja yg recomended?? apa semua??

  • flona

    kalo saya ke jakarta bawa daku ke sana yaaa

  • herman

    wah…di jakarta ada juga orang yang menjual makanan khas bali…
    cek.cek.cek…hebat…makanan bali sekarang sudah go international rupanya…

  • Karina

    Ohh ini namanya Ajengan to.
    2 th lalu pernah diajak ke sini sama temen. Krn uda malem + ngantuk jd ga tau nama restonya apa, cuma ngikut masuk aja.
    G cuma inget tmpnya unik & makanannya enak + lmyn mahal. Di sinilah g baru tau kalo bebek garing bali tuh enak hehehe…

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