Cafe Dermaga

Posted on August 16, 2006 | 8 comments

Cafe Dermaga

Cafe Dermaga
Location: Pantai Mutiara, North Jakarta


  • Reza

    Where’s the food jen?

  • jenz

    I didn’t took food pic there, went there only for ice cream (12K/scoop). IMHO quite pricey, 30K something for ice coffee & more or less 60K for waffle with ice cream, although they said the waffle tasted delicious

  • flona

    Itu yang deket club house bukan Jen?

  • BobDog

    cafe dermaga famous noodle called bakmi sakau.. u can add the spicy according to ur taste… yummy… it around 20K/bowl… u guys shud try.. slurppp =D

  • clara

    Dear Jen,
    It’s wonderfull view…
    Mo tanya ni Jen… Kafe dermaga itu bisa di jadiin tempat wedding ga??? Untuk kapasitas 200orang bisa?? thx

  • sopjagung

    Kafe Dermaga kecilllll. Kapasitas maksimumnya nggak akan lewat dari 100 orang.

  • Huang

    100 Orang itu juga kalo berdiri dempet2 semua…
    50 Orang Juga uda sumpek >_

  • Elizabeth

    Cafe Dermaga enak bgt
    Especially Mie Sakawnya yg terkenal. Recommended banget..addictive..

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