Central Java Cuisine

Posted on December 20, 2005 | 2 comments

Last weekend we had lunch at “Sari Asih” (CMIWW not really notice the restaurant name). The restaurant was located next to “ToKem” (Toko Kemanggisan) , its just a simple restaurant, didn’t got any fancy interior 🙂 the served Indonesian meal especially from Central Java. We ordered “Nasi Langi” (9K) and “Nasi Opor” (9K) with 2 glass of tea ( they used teh Tjap Botol ). In my opinion the taste was not bad, but I don’t really like central java food because it taste too sweet. but if you are a Javanese & missed your home town then you should try this place 🙂

After lunch we went to “Tokem”, this is my first time here 😛 (quite embarassing since its very near to my place) and the items they sold was amazing, bought a pack of tea “Tjap Botol”, Luo Han Kuo, some canned food (its much much cheaper here) 🙂


  • Lucy

    Itu yg di tenggah bunder gelap apaan yah..?? telor kecap or something else..??

  • Jenz

    yup, telor kecap

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