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July 21, 2005 | Central jakarta, International Cuisine, JAKARTA

There’s a new restaurant opening at Mall Ambasador yesterday, serving various of Luk Mien, Chow Mien, Chow Fan, Chicken Supreme, Lauriant, Dimsum, Deserts.. etc. It supposed to be a quick serving restaurant but it turned out we had wait for almost 1 hour to get our meal plus 2 times complaint… πŸ™ mmm not really recommended, if you want to have quick lunch. πŸ™

Mall Ambasador
GroundFloor – Ruko #7
ph. 57939541

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  • indra kusuma

    salut abizz dg Chowking yg sdh sertifikasi Halal LPPOM MUI…
    teman2ku banyak yg suka, termasuk yg bukan muslim yg agamanya melarang makan pork…
    menunya asyik dan tempatnya bagus…berselera utk mencoba lagi πŸ™‚

  • magda

    menunya sih keliatan asik dan variatif, tp asli.. pelayanannya lama dan rasanya standar abis. nasi/mie goreng dok2x depan rumah lebih okeehh tuh

  • lili

    g nyobain chowking di mal1 MKG, lelet skali servicenya. Fotonya ok, penampilan asli jauh… dan rasa standard. Not recommended

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