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Posted on December 18, 2008 | 6 comments

After lunch we went to Venus to buy roti unyil and then continued to Puncak. Luckily the road was not as crowded as it usually happens on weekends. We arrived at Cimory restaurant in about half an hour. The place was crowded and quite hard to get a table with good view, so we just sat at available table.

The place is famous for its fresh milk and yogurt. I frequently buy cimory yogurt whenever I crave for yogurt. So we ordered strawberry milk shake 19.5K, strawberry yogurt shake 20.5, cimory green (melon, pineapple & lemon juice), and a glass of cimory fresh milk (chocolate) 5K. We also ordered their spiral sausage (chicken sausage served with potato and mixed vegetables) 33.5 to share. The drinks were superb as expected, but the chicken sausage was only so so. Next time we’ll just stick to their yogurt & milk. đŸ™‚

Cimory Resto
Jl. Raya Puncak N0.435 – km77 (2 km from Mega Mendung)
Cisarua, Bogor 16750
ph. +62(251) 257888
fx. +62(251) 253288


  • vinorange

    Jen, kalo cuma mau susu atau yogurt nya aja, di Mall Gading 1 ada tuh, di depan Fresh Market. Di Sogo supermarket juga ada…

  • chacha

    makanan nya benar2 gak enak. susu jg menurut gw terlalu manis buat standar susu cair. Yang paling ok cuma pemandangan n yogurt nya doank. not worth it to go there….

  • anggi guswara

    wahhh…setuju…saya jg prefer yogurtnya…tp menurut saya sih sosisnya enak terutama yg sapi, bratwurst-nya jg mantap perasaan :p

  • zee

    yoghurtnya enak.. waktu itu gw coba yang strawberry yoghurt shake. Tempat sama pemandangannya juga ok. Tapi makanannya memang standar sih, jadi yah.. mungkin lebih cocok buat tempat nongkrong sambil minum aja..

  • Nikita

    Slow service, too crowded. Pesen bratwurst yang diatas hotplate. Its not even sizzling anymore (so god knows how long has it been sitting on the counter). Tengah2nya walopun mateng tapi agak dingin. It suppossedly served hot!

  • Olivia

    Makanannya bener2 so so bgt disini. Sausage-nya keras dan kenyal.
    Better stick with the yoghurts.

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