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June 1, 2006 | Chinese Cuisine, Closed, Dimsum

Cilantro Tea House

Last weekend was a long long weekend (thx to harpitnas), My friend told me that she saw an advert in newspaper that Cilantro PIM2 have a AYCE (all you can eat) Dimsum for only 29K++, so we decided to give it a try.

I never been to Cilantro PIM2 before, and to me the place was less cozy than the one in wisma BNI 46. Quite confusing with the decoration with lots of manga painting on the wall & menus, there’s 2 menus : one for list of dimsum selection, and one book labeled “peaches tea house”.

Cilantro Tea House

There were about 31 items to pick from the dimsum menu, I notice that there’s something different from what I usually had, for example they had : French fries, Thai mango & papaya salad, deep fried California roll on the list. and when I said I want a Chinese tea to go with my dimsum, they said they didn’t served Chinese tea.. thats weird, since the place name was Cilantro tea house.

So this is what we ordered : shrimp dumpling (hakau), chicken siew mai, steamed chicken feet with black pepper, BBQ chicken bun, deep fried shrimp dumpling with mayonnaise, deep fried Vietnamese roast duck with mango, crispy bean-curd skin roll with chicken, pan fried cheong fan with green curry chicken, steamed glutinous rice dumpling (luomaikai), stir fried turnip cake with x.o. sauce, chicken congee with century egg, fried wanton, deep fried crispy squid and sweet corn cream soup. For dessert we ordered melon pudding, avocado pudding and chocolate mousse cake. the dessert were delicious, the dimsum is OK, not bad but not so good either, and its different from the dimsum I had at cilanto BNI 46, but I guess that goes with the price πŸ™‚

Cilantro Tea House
Level 1 no.140 North Skywalk
Pondok Indah Mall 2
ph. +62(21) 759 20596

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  • zink

    jenz, dumpling nya enakan da niang or cilantro bni46 ?
    jadi dumpling terenak dimana jenz ? :D..
    jadi inget dulu ke bni46, ihik ihik..*pengen*

  • Jenz

    dumplingnya daniang kulitnya agak keras, kalo yang di cilantro bni46 sih lumayan..
    blom pernah ketemu yang paling enak sih.. yang mahal sih banyak hehehe…
    balik kesini deh.. ntar kita berburu makanan bareng lagi…

  • b3akiNs

    dim sum di Eastern Restaurant di kompleks ITC Permata Hijau r great. u shold try. ada dim sum buffett every weekdays for about 42k. nyamm…

  • EnCe

    JaDi KanGen DimSum Crystal Jade…Mnurut Gue Taste nya Yummy juga…..hhhmmmm

  • Leez

    How about drinks? is it included? kalo ga, berapa kira2nya?

  • jenz

    kalo ngga salah sih drinks not included deh. dan anehnya waktu gw minta chinese tea katanya mereka ngga sedia chinese tea πŸ™ kalo saran saya sih kalo mo dimsum beneran mending ke Cilantro BNI 46 deh..

  • Alice

    kalo ngak ada chinese tea, japanese green tea ada? kan tea house memang asalnya dari jepang, bukan cina.

  • Jenz

    Alice, maksud gw kalo dimsum kan enaknya pake chinese tea yang sepoci2 gitu.
    di cilantro pas gw tanya kenapa ngga nyediain chinese tea mereka jawab tea house itu maksudnya cafe.. rancu kan. mereka jual teh sih.. tapi dalam cup gitu, nggak per poci.
    btw soal tea house kan ngga cuman ada di jepang, di cina dari jaman dulu juga udah ada (lihat pilem silat), di inggris / rusia juga ada πŸ™‚

  • susan

    halo,gw juga dah nyoba di cilantro, dimsumnya lumayan enak kok not bad lah utk hrga sgitu,tapiiii pelayanannya kurang mnrut gw n tmn2 gw, ga ramah gitu, trus kesannya rada bt kalo kita minta2 tambah menunya, dah gitu tmn2 gw kurang puas makan chocolate mouse cakenya(enak sih) tp mreka bilang dah abis,gw juga ga tau sih itu bner ato ga, tp pelayan2nya bisik2 gt, kan jadi bikin kita jadi ga nyaman…..ok d cuma mau sharing pengalaman ajah thx.

  • dityodwi

    saya update bu, sekarang harganya udah 35k /pax, drinks & tax not included.
    kmaren ini saya & teman2 sikat abiss makan di AYCE dimsum PIM 2 itu.. anehnya, semeja cuman boelh mesen maks. 7 item dulu, baru boleh nambah (pdhl kita dateng ber 6)
    (+) praise :
    hakauw (crystal shrimp dumpling) nya enak, bumbu di ceker ayam juga sipp banget, bakpau nya juga top dech lembut..
    bacon & jellyfish is my new favorite
    (-) critic :
    choco cakenya awful, rasanya ancuur kyk kunyah styrofoam (gak usah penasaran pesen deh).
    mas-masnya suka pura2 lupa abis dipesenin apa (kejadian 2-3 kali) dan KESANNYA porsi2 tambahannya dilama-lama’in bikin perut terlanjur kembung. (ato kembung karna udh pesen 7 porsi seorang yah??)

  • rizka

    Cilantro Ocha Shake-nya enak banget dan size gelasnya gede, nggak rugi deh kalo pesen minuman disitu.
    Tapi sekarang Cilantro kayaknya udah nggak ada lagi ya di PIM 2 ?

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