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March 20, 2007 | Closed, East Java Cuisine

Last week I heard my friend said that “Bu Rudy” open her restaurant at Kelapa Gading at 10th March. Being a big fan of her famous “Sambal Bawang”, I decided to hunt it down on weekend πŸ˜› So I dragged SC to drove along ‘boulevard raya’ & finally we found the place, we entered and ordered “nasi udang empal khas Bu Rudy” 12.5K, “Rawon” 12.5K. The meal was served pretty fast, steamed rice topped with fried prawn, “empal” and “kremesan”. before we eat, we have to put the “sambal bawang” on top of the dish. In my opinion it was the “sambal” that makes it so deliciously hot, according to SC the rawon was a bit “alot” πŸ˜› We bought back 2 bottles of “Sambal Bawang” 8k each, and “nasi bali daging” 12.5K. I really didn’t like the nasi bali, it was to sweet & really not what i had in mind when I ordered it πŸ™

Nasi Udang Empal Khas Bu Rudy

Depot Madiun
Khas “Bu Rudy”

Jl. Raya Boulevard TA II – 31&32
Kelapa Gading
North Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 452-6562

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  • venny

    Survey Jen. Kalo lo beli sambal bawang, gak pake kering udangnya, buat apaan? Kalo cindih kan buat masak. Elo?
    Karena, kata gue, kalo sambelnya doang mah kurang seru. Gue jadi ragu mo coba resep yg lo kasih itu. Padahal jatah gue baru abiss :((

  • Jenz

    di gado doang pake nasi panas aja udah enak ven.. ditaburin pake teri medan/jambal roti/ telor asin/ apa aja yang ada di kulkas, kalo ada bapang lebih enak lagi hehehe πŸ™‚
    bisa juga dipake buat masak, kalo gw sih biasanya buat bikin mie kuah, nasi goreng, mie goreng.

  • Tjing2

    Last week, I just went back from Sby..Tried again the sambal bawang and shrimps..The shrimp was ok, crunchy as usual but the sambal..heemmm..why did they have put so much oil there?? it made the hot chili taste decreased and made me think: Did we buy a hot chili or oil???

  • Venny

    Ikut jawab ke Tjing2 yah Jenz. Hi, I think the oil helps mix the the spiciness of the chili and the essential essence from the onion. Thus, the oil is important to accentuate the whole experience. Furthermore, the crunchy shrimp also abosorbs the now-tasty oil making the mix, I don’t know, undescribably good. I personally wouldn’t want less oil.
    But that’s just me πŸ˜€

  • Chica

    Sama Jen, gue juga suka pake SamBuRud ini buat masak. Dari nasi goreng sampe udang balado ala LiTa suka gue campur pake SamBuRud.
    Atau gue siram di atas nasi panas + lauk, yang biasanya gorengan (ayam, bebek, jeroan, empal, dll).

  • Andrian

    dimananya Kelapa Gading seh ini?
    Boulevardnya yg mengarah ke Mall KG ?

  • Jenz

    iya.. boulevard yang mengarah ke KG, sebaris ama karebosi & holland bakery

  • FiTa

    paLiNg seRinG kaLo siaNg2 keLApeRan biS kuLiah laNgSuNg raMe2 ke Bu RUdy…..
    so deLicious….saYa gak biSa Lupa raSa saMbeLnya…
    NenDanG bGt….

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