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September 6, 2007 | Beverages, JAKARTA, North Jakarta

Last month we visited this small coffee shop located at Artha Gading Mall. We heard that this place was a serious coffee shop selling fresh roast and grind coffee. There were various choices of coffee from : traditional coffee (french pressed, vacuum brew, vietnamese style, black coffee, cafe au lait & kopi susu) to expresso based coffee, but since I’m not really a coffee lover, I only ordered a cup of chai milk tea 25K and Tiramisu 29K. The chai taste OK, although not as strong as i expected, but I surely love the tiramisu (soft, not too sweet, creamy and very aromatic coffee, cmiww), seeing that I only ordered a chai milk tea, the head barista approached us and suggested to brew us a single shot of cappucino to accompany my tiramisu. It was perfect, although I don’t know much about coffee, I’m very impressed with this one. We will be back πŸ™‚

Coffee Tree

Coffee Tree
Mal Artha Gading
2nd Floor Bloack B1 No.30 (next to Index)
Jakarta 14240
ph. +62(21) 458 64 360

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  • wawabear

    wow..ada kopi susu..hmm kira2 sama ga yah dengan bayangan gw? (kopi susu dengan bubuk kopi kasar masih ngambang2 di atas gelas, plus dikasih susu kental manis..hmm..) terakhir gw minum ini di puncak..hehehehe…duh jadi kangen nih..KUDU coba nih!

  • ak

    Latte Art on a cappuccino! now that’s something I got to try.

  • Tjing2

    I’m a regular customer of CT, indeed…it’s a homy and nice place to relax accompany with a great coffee. Btw, the head barista is the son of the cafe’s owner. He’s very friendly and informative too…Jenz, if you drop by again..Try their Papua N beans or the Home Blend. You’ll impressed!!

  • Dian

    I brag about CT alot… It’s a hidden treasure in Mal Artha Gading, a mall where there’s not much to see. Tiramisu cici-nya enak! Lembek & liquor-nya berasa euy! Itu yg di-foto atas itu owner-nya. Dia bersedia selalu utk ngejelasin satu per satu kopi yg dijual.. Hampir tiap hari bisa ketemu dia or istrinya. Etos kerja yg luar biasa.. I wish them all the success.. Glad u like it!

  • ak

    Udah coba! Cappucinonya mantap. Good espresso and smooth foam. Nice service too. Yang mengecewakan adalah beberapa pelanggan yang lain merokok di dalam πŸ™
    Next time I’ll try their French-pressed coffee.

  • Paman Tyo

    Saya juga suka tempat itu. Cozy. Keluarga pemilik juga menyenangkan. Salah satu dari kakak beradik itu suka nggambar.

  • lili

    very nice n homy coffee shop. the head barista, denny ( or dennis ) is so friendly, they’re trying to make a personal service to the customers & always asked about how the coffee tasted. I just don’t like all the smokers inside the shop.

  • Febry

    Kmrn kesana cobain Cappucino-na, Chai Milk Tea-na, Hazelnut-na,…..
    Waktu itu baristanya namanya Yadi, bikin cappucino-na enak… g suka banget! Pas banget rasanya, Chai Milk Tea-na not bad lha … walaupun agak weird kalo buat g, terus Hazelnut-na…. enak juga.
    Abis itu beli kopi-nya juga buat bawa pulang, yang jampit dan black house blend. Enak tuh…..
    Orang2-nya pada enak diajak ngobrol dan friendly….
    I’ll be back….. ^_^

  • Live

    CT…should be name best coffee in town…kebetulan gue juga regular customer dari CT…dan fave gue ity iced doppio macchiatto..enak banget… lumayan kenal sama anak ownernya…seperti yg semua bilang..friendly banget dan selalu open to critic… my fave coffee bean is golden mandheling! a must try! bener2 hidden treasure di artha gading!!!!oh yea!! really love the interior design, nothing pretentious…cuma bener kata ak..sayang…its not a non smoking coffee shop…

  • richard

    udah ada yg nyobain vietnam ice milk coffee nya blom?
    kopinya ditunggu menetes dikit2 dari tempat diatasnya turun ke gelas di bawahnya yg udah ada susunya, udah selesai semua baru diaduk, pindahin ke gelas n tambahin es.
    pas pertama keliatanya kaya es kopi susu biasa, pas dicobain “medhog” banget kopinya, mungkin karena ditunggu menetes2 tadi ya?. pokoknya beda deh sama kopi susu n kopi vietnam lain. sy udah sering ke coffee tree skitar 2 tahun lah n gak pernah pesen yg lain. coba jg makan sm singkong gorengnya.. ngopi n singkong jd kaya jaman di desa hahaha

  • Live

    udah…hahaha…emang vietnamese bikin nagih…gue mpe punya alatnya ndiri di rumah…strong and sweet!! me likey!

  • takeuchi

    Coffee Tree, akan pindah di MOI (Mall Of Indonesia), Kelapa Gading Square. (belakang Rest. Angke). Kelapa Gading

  • Ananto-3

    Tadi saya ke CT kok sudah tutup? Terus ke Kelapa Gading Square (ruko) dekat restaurant Angke juga blum buka. Apakah ada yang punya alamat atau nomor telepon?

  • sopjagung

    Di milis Jalansutra katanya Coffee Tree yang baru posisinya ada di belakang Restoran Angke Kelapa Gading, tapi memang masih tutup untuk renovasi. Akhir Juli baru buka.

  • Den2

    COFFEE TREE telah pindah di: MOI (Mal Of Indonesia)
    Kelapa Gading Square
    Ruko Blok C No.38A -38B
    Jakartra Utara
    ph: 62 21 45866898
    62 21 45866899

  • Me

    Coffee Tree udah buka di Kelapa Gading Square lho!
    Lihat ke posting Den2 utk info lokasinya (di atas gua).

  • Brian

    Dare I say, the best coffee in town? πŸ˜‰

  • Sarah

    Serves the best latte and you should try ice peppermint moccha

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