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Stewed Ginger Chicken

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I found this recipe in Periplus’s Taiwanese Favorites Mini Cookbook. The recipe looks easy enough and it uses plenty of rice wine and sesame oil in the stewing sauce and lots of ginger as seasoning. I tried it and it resulted in a very delicious, fragrant chicken. The cookbook noted that a more traditional way to cook the dish is using 5 cups of wine and no water to produce a much stronger tasting broth.
Stewed Ginger Chicken



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This dish is supposed to be easy, but hard to make it right. Since it’s one of SC’s favorite dishes, I tried to make it as perfect as his mom’s creation. I made this Chinese-style corn soup this morning and ended up with a salty soup (I forgot to taste it before adding soy sauce), I guess I still have to try harder :P
sop jagung


Broccoli & Cauliflower Soup

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I found this recipe last year when I was gawking at, The recipe is very easy and seems to be light as it’s a vegetable-based soup that doesn’t require any cream/milk in it. I decided to try this soup and I like it so much that I always cook this from time to time. Sometimes, I add some potato or peas in the soup :)
Broccoli and Cauliflower Soup


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