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Indonesian Yellow Rice with Indian Chicken Curry

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As today is Ied Mubarak, I was browsing for an easy Lebaran dish to try but couldn’t find one. So I decided to make Indonesian style yellow rice (nasi kuning) and Indian style chicken curry for our lunch today. I substituted the coconut milk with plain yogurt. Turned out the recipe I used was quite spicy :)
Indonesian Yellow Rice with Indian Chicken Curry

Chili prawn with potato & petai

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Last night, I suddenly craved for sambal goreng petai, so I stopped by a supermarket on my way back home and bought some ingredients to cook today. I love petai (Parkia speciosa) even tough some people refer to it as stinky bean, but I think petai always goes perfectly with tauco, sambal udang, pepes or simply grilled and eaten with sambal terasi. Since SC don’t like spicy dishes, I bought red chillies instead of bird eye chillies. I hope he can eat this without having to clean the chili paste in water. :)
Sambal Goreng Udang Ketang & Pete


Grilled Fish with Sambal Matah

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I was home alone and didn’t want to cook rice just for my self. So I looked at some recipe books and decided to make a simple grilled fish with Balinese’s sambel matah for lunch. It was quite easy as I got the recipe from Primarasa’s Masakan Bali edition. I happened to have Dory fish in the fridge, so I used it instead of fresh white snapper stated in the recipe. For the sambel matah, I used cabe merah keriting, which resulted in less spicy sambel matah. Next time, I’ll use bird’s eye chili.
ikan bakar sambal matah


Nasi Uduk

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Several days ago, SC asked for Nasi Uduk for dinner. Since I’m still on holiday, I have plenty of time to cook it myself. After browsing for some recipes, I settled on a Nasi Uduk recipe from 80 Warisan Kuliner Nusantara cookbook. As for the side dishes, I’m going for easy tahu & tempe goreng and ayam goreng kalasan using instant packages available at grocery stores. I’m also making some sambal terasi as condiment.
Nasi Uduk


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