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Ginger rice with chicken and leek

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I love savory rice, so when I saw V’s post on her blog: Pork and leek over ginger rice, I decided to make it for lunch. The instructions are quite easy. I ran to the supermarket to buy some ginger, leeks and chicken (couldn’t find pork, so I substitute it with chicken breast). The result was a very fragrant rice and the chicken works well with leeks. It was a delicious lunch. Thanks V. :)
ginger rice with chicken and leek

Buta No Shogayaki

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Last weekend, we stopped by Papaya supermarket for some grocery shopping. In the meat section, I saw several packs of finely sliced pork labeled shogayaki. I remembered reading a recipe called shogayaki in my Japanese Homestyle Cooking cookbook. So I bought a pack and attempted to make Buta no Shogayaki, which is actually just a simple ginger fried pork. It’s simple and easy to make, and the result is delicious & satisfying. I didn’t follow the recipe religiously as I was not sure I should put 1 cup of sugar in the marinade sauce, so I just figured out the proportion myself.
Buta No Shogayaki


Tonkatsu Don

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I’m a donburi fan and I always look for that menu first when I enter a Japanese restaurant. So far, my favorite is Oyakodon. I haven’t yet found a delicious Tonkatsudon in Jakarta, so I tried to make one for lunch today. The recipe was taken from “The Food of Japan, 96 Easy and Delicious Recipes from the Land of the Rising Sun”. The recipe was quite easy, but because I tried to make the dashi stock from scratch, it took about 1 hour to from start to finish. The result was quite good. I didn’t have any tonkatsu sauce, so I make it using 1 part worchestershire sauce and 5 parts tomato ketchup. :)


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