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Cajun Chicken and cheese salad with balsamic dressing

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Last night we participated in earth hour by turning off the lights from 8:30PM to 9:30PM. I decided have a candle-lit dinner with an easy-cooking dish. All I have to do was buying a piece of chicken breast, lemon, lettuce, and gathering everything I have in the fridge. I have some ’san tang’ oranges and cherry tomatoes. Plus, I still have some vintage cheddar, Dutch gouda and Kraft’s Italian balsamic dressing from Ronny G (Thanks Ron!). The chicken recipe was modified from the Inspiring Tastes cookbook: Cajun Barbequed Chicken (again, thanks Ron for the book) :)
Cajun chicken and cheese salad with balsamic dressing


Crispy & Cheesy Pork

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I read this recipe in last year’s Essential magazine and decided to try it today for lunch. The recipe is so easy, the whole preparation and cooking time took less than half an hour. The original recipe requires feta cheese, but since I can’t get that cheese, I replaced it with cheddar instead. :)
Crispy & Cheesy Pork


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