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Chili prawn with potato & petai

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Last night, I suddenly craved for sambal goreng petai, so I stopped by a supermarket on my way back home and bought some ingredients to cook today. I love petai (Parkia speciosa) even tough some people refer to it as stinky bean, but I think petai always goes perfectly with tauco, sambal udang, pepes or simply grilled and eaten with sambal terasi. Since SC don’t like spicy dishes, I bought red chillies instead of bird eye chillies. I hope he can eat this without having to clean the chili paste in water. :)
Sambal Goreng Udang Ketang & Pete


Mild Potato Curry with Yogurt

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I really love Indian food, so whenever I have time, I will cook Indian dishes. The problem is that some Indian foods are quite hot and spicy, which is not something SC can eat. So I’m really glad when I found this mild potato curry recipe that is not too hot and spicy. I got the recipe from the Authentic Recipe from Singapore cookbook and I modified it a bit by adding some ricotta cheese. I just had too get rid of the cheese from my fridge. :)
Mild Potato Curry with Yogurt


Potato & Carrot Rice

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Yesterday, SC informed me that we still have some carrots left in the fridge. I usually make potato & carrot soup with it, but I want to try something different. So I browsed my Indian cookbook: “Indian Rice and Breads” and found a recipe for potato rice. I modified it by adding shredded carrot :)
Potato & Carrot Rice


Arroz a la Cubana (Cuban-style Rice)

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I found this recipe from Periplus Mini Cookbooks “Filipino Favorites”. The recipe is interesting, Arroz a la Cubana combines the richness of meat with the sweet tastes of fried bananas and raisins, completed with eggs fried sunny side up. It looks quite easy, so I decided to try it on this weekend when we’re home. :)
Arroz a la Cubana


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