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It has been a long time since we last visited Kiyadon. I’ve always liked Kiyadon for their donburi. So two weeks ago, when I was craving for another bowl of Kiyadon’s donburi, we went to their joint at Pacific Place. The place is spacious, with faked tatami seater. The menu is quite varied, from appetizer & salad, sushi, sashimi, set menu, ala carte menu, nabemono, agemono, noodle dishes (udon/soba), donburi & pasta. I ordered Kinoko Don (rice bowl topped with mushroom onion and egg) special 53K. the dish came with salad, and a small plate of cold wheat soba. The dish tasted exquisite, I love the donburi so much, too bad the portion was quite small. Although the price is not cheap, I’ll still return from time to time.

Pacific Place, 5th Fl #5-41&42
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav 52-53,
South Jakarta 12190


  • Daniel Prawira

    Yeah, i think kiyadon is one of the best for their donburi and udon.
    fave g tori teriyaki don ama kake udonnya jenz (udon polos doank) really2 good..although i think the first branch at plaza senayan is having the most consistent tastes ever.

  • Steve

    For Japanese restaurant, you can’t beat Goemon in Wisma Kyoei Prince Sudirman. It has the best taste and best price. Very authentic.
    When I first went there in 2003, we were the only Indonesians in the room. Everyone else were Japanese. Now we have many more Indonesians in the place but the food quality is still the same.
    Great value. You should check it out.

  • wortel

    pernah makan katsudon di kiyadon PS, keluar2 katsudon nya lembek becek benyek gitu.
    bener2 bikin ilfil n mao muntah.
    sejak saat itu belum mao balik ke kiyadon lagi 🙁

  • Daniel Prawira

    Yeah, been to Goemon several times is really authentic…tp mang disana kayaknya jarang ada org indo ya? pas g kesana ma tmn2 g jg we’re the only indonesian there…the rest is japanese… love their gyoza and homemade smoked salmon…also the buta don..yumm

  • popz

    favorit gw di kiyadon itu sushi yg digulung luarnya salmon dibakar dan dalemnya ada mozarella yg meleleh gitu.. sslllrrrppp! enak abis! *lupa namanya..salmon something mozarella?* hehe

  • zwieback

    @steve: Goemon in Wisma Kyoei Prince Sudirman emang enak, dulu gue kerja di fujitsu di wisma kyoei, en bos2 & manager gue yg dari japan makannya disana terus, katanya “the taste is so close to home”.

  • Nita

    The one @ Grand Indonesia is awful, mighty awful. Chirashi Don with a sweet-kinda topping like candy floss (arum manis!)… sashimi tidak segar dan tamago terlalu manis OTT. Temen gue pesen sushi pake abon ayam (huh?!) yah begitulah restoran2 di Jakarta banyak yang sok fusion tapi jadinya amburadul. Gak lagi deh.

  • Samuel

    Wah kok macem-macem yah tanggapannya…trus kalo Kiyadon yang di Taman Anggrek bagaimana? Ada yang udah coba?

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