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April 7, 2009 | Chinese Cuisine, JAKARTA, Noodle, North Jakarta

Last month, we had dinner with several friends at Kwetiaw goreng Singapore Pluit. We’ve been here several times and each time, their kwetiaw goreng kerang never disappoints despite its petite portion. The place is always full during lunch and dinner time, so it’s better to make a reservation beforehand. That night we ordered: Udang Cioyam (lada garam) L : 115K, Tiram Goreng Telor L : 36.2K, Lumpia Udang L : 56.2K, Kwetiaw Gr Kerang : 20K, Cah Than M : 29.2K, Sop Seafood Bamboo Mushroom L : 54.2K, Ayam Gr Garing L : 58.2K, Kepiting Soka L : 60.2K. and for dessert we ordered Es Campur Solo :13K. In my opinion, besides their kwetiaw kerang, all other dishes were OK though not really superb. Based on our experience, their cumi cioyam tastes better than their udang cioyam. Their dessert, es campur Solo is also good. πŸ™‚

kwetiaw kerang singapore

Kwetiaw Kerang Seafood & Chinese Food

Jl. Pluit Selatan Raya No.61
North Jakarta

ph. +62(21) 6623232, 6627511
fx. +62(21) 6602631

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  • V

    Gue gak doyan lho restoran ini πŸ™ Tapi lumpia udangnya kayaknya enak πŸ˜€

  • Reza

    Sounds like something worth trying. Would you happen to know if they use lard?

  • wawabear

    Jen, pakai kerang dara bukan?
    V, ga doyan apa nya Ven?

  • V

    Wawabear: gue pernah coba kwetiaw kerang-nya, kayaknya bumbunya terlalu keras, gak seperti yg di Singapur. Tus yg lain2 juga biasa aja. Tapi gue coba dah lama banget sih (sejak yg pertama itu gak pernah balik :p).

  • Kenji

    Jenz, cah than itu apa sih?

  • Sisca

    Ven, kwetiau kerangnya mirip yang di Medan loh. Ini waktu kita valentine-an bulan lalu. Romantis ya? Ihik

  • V

    OOOH! Gue ketipu judul dong! :)) :)). Huahahahhaha gitu toh. Kalian memang canggih πŸ˜€

  • Anonymous

    Gw suka nih sama resto ini, especially ayam goreng garingnya, blm ketemu sih tempat lain yang ayamnya enak ky dia punya.. πŸ™‚

  • rinka

    Minggu lalu g coba udang mayonnaise-nya, enak, mayonnaise-nya dicampur buah kaleng.

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