Lesehan Mbok Ndoro

Posted on May 23, 2013 | 1 comment


Have you ever tried Lesehan Mbok Ndoro? Well, Lesehan Mbok Ndoro is a place where we can eat various Javanese dishes and sit on a grass mat and low table. Located across the road from Sudirman Park, the place is usually crowded, we took off our shoes, then walk over to the serving area, where there are lots of Javanese dishes to choose from. After getting what we want, we proceeded to sit on the available/vacant place.


The dishes served at Mbok Ndoro are typically Javanese/Solo dishes. I decided to fill my plate with some oseng-oseng mercon, chili eggplant, stirred fried bitter gourd and some chili sauce. Overall the dishes tasted good, albeit a bit cold. But I enjoyed their spicy sambal very much. Plus, the ambience is fun, clean and down to earth. I felt more satisfaction eating in a place like this than having to dress up and eat at some fancy restaurants that cost much more than this place.


Lesehan Mbok Ndoro
Jl. KH Mas Mansyur No.9
Jakarta (Across Sudirman Park Apartment, next to 7-11)

Open: Mon – Sun 6PM-12PM
Delivery: +62 (823) 1036 4853 (Sudirman Park only)

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  • rerere

    aaaahhh.. i love this place. its humble and clean and the taste is pretty good. despite that the dishes is a bit cold, the rice is kinda warm. they offer red rice too. so i cant complain :)

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