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March 16, 2009 | Chinese Cuisine, Kaki Lima, Medan, Noodle

After Mie Hokkian Perdana, we went to Brastagi supermarket and then headed to Pasar Rame. Pasar Rame/Ramai is a traditional 2-story market where many authentic Medanese dishes, such as he chi, pi oh, stir fried noodles, various types of asinan buah, es campur are sold on the first floor and the second floor is used for selling clothes a la Mangga Dua in Jakarta. Dragging SC with me, I walked around the second floor to find some clothes. After I finished shopping, my stomach has already felt rather empty. We searched for the famous Mee Kangkung Belacan (stir fried noodles with kangkung AKA water convolvulus and fermented prawn). We found it in one of the food stalls in front of the market, besides mee kangkung, they also have various Chinese dishes. I ordered a portion of mee kangkung and dug happily into the noodle when it cames. The noodle was topped with prawn, fish ball, pork sausages (lap cheong), kangkung, and drenched in terasi sauce. The noodles have the right texture and the ingredients were fresh. It was also quite spicy. In short, it was a delicious meal. I forgot how much exactly we paid for the dish, but I’m sure its not more that 20K. ๐Ÿ™‚

Mee Kangkung Belacan Ahai
Pasar Ramai

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  • V

    Dragging SC with me, I walked around the second floor to find some clothes.
    Lo pernah coba Mie Kangkung Belachan yg di Taman Ratu gak yah? Yg Mie Udang Singapur itu? Enak tapi micinnya gak tahan. Sayang banget.

  • jenz

    @Ven: gw ngga nulis yang dragging, itu curhat colongan dari editor gw ๐Ÿ˜› mi kangkung blacan di taman ratu kayanya dulu pernah coba.. tapi kurang berkesan euy.. ntar deh klo pas lewat sono gw coba lagi ๐Ÿ™‚

  • yun

    Ven, mi udang singapore yg di perumahan bukan? bisa masuk dari greenville juga? gue jg suka mi goreng udang, ato apa ya gue rada lupa namanya *sorry jen jadi numpang ngobrol ama V* hehe

  • flona

    untung guwe dah makan seblom gue baca ini kalaw gag bisa nangis bombay guwe hihihihi

  • V

    itu curhat colongan dari editor gw ๐Ÿ˜›
    Bwahahahahahahah!! Editor yg gak bisa dipecat pula :))
    Iye Yun, yg di perumahan. Masuk dari Greenville.

  • Jiewa

    Di Sby juga ada yg jual menu ini, tapi mienya gendut2 spt mie aceh. Kalo ini pipih ya..? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jenz

    @jie: pada dasarnya mie yang dipake mie basah biasa kok.. cuman yang ini emang ukurannya lebih alus

  • zee

    Gue juga pernah nyoba yang di Greenville. Tapi kayaknya gue setuju sama Jen, kurang berkesan. Biasa aja.

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