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September 7, 2006 | Chinese Cuisine

Last week we had lunch here, “Bakmie Irian” was located on Jl. Prof Satrio, Karet – Casablanca. I’ve try their “bakmie ayam” 20K with generous pork topping before, but to me the noodle taste was so so.. nothing special except the meat đŸ˜› so this time I ordered their “Nasi Campur” 15K and I was surprised when it came up. the rice was simply buried under the pork meat. the pork was grilled in red sauce, but still feel tender & juicy. btw I asked the owner about their operating time, they said they open at 8AM and close on 2PM:)

nasi campur irian

Bakmie Irian
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio
Karet – Casablanca
ph. 0812-8460818 / 0816-951832

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  • ricky

    wowwww fotonya menggiurkan sekaliiiii……

  • ferren

    persisnya deket mana yah ?

  • Jesse

    About this joint, is it the one that sell leather jackets during the night? Thanks.

  • chu_bi

    pingiiiiinnnnnn ^^
    tepatnya di daerah mana ya?
    ato ada patokan jalan mana gitu?

  • karin

    Pengumuman..pengumuman…. skrg bakmie irian buka mpe malem. Lokasinya di deket belokan dari jend sudirman ke dr. satrio (ancer2nya jembatan karet, deket kwetiau aciap).

  • frendy

    wuih terlihat sangat sangat sangat sangat sangat sangat sangat sangat sangat enak hehehe minggu ini langsung d hunting deh =P
    moga2 nggak nyasar

  • karin

    Kayanya skrg malem uda ga buka lagi. G pernah coba mkn mie di sini sekali, hmm dagingnya emg berlimpah. Rasanya OK lah, tp ga special2 amat.

  • eric

    hi jen..kalo di mie irian itu yg lebih menggiurkan mie nya.boleh di coba deh.dagingnya banyak..apalagi tambah carsiu nya..rasanya lebih manteb lagi

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