Nasi Goreng Pete Guan Tjo Bogor

Posted on June 10, 2013 | 4 comments

Are you a fan of nasi goreng? In my opinion, nasi goreng (fried rice) is one of the most common Indonesian food that can be found anywhere, from street food vendors to high class restaurants. One of my favorite nasi goreng variants is the one cooked with pete/petai (stinky bean). So, whenever I found a place that offer nasi goreng in their menu, the first thing that came to my mind is do they have nasi goreng pete? If you asked around for nasi goreng pete, a name that is often mentioned is nasi goreng Guan Tjo from Bogor, West Java.

Nasi Goreng Pete Guan Tjo Bogor

I’d tried nasi goreng pete many years ago back when they still have a stall at Mall Taman Anggrek’s food court, but couldn’t really remember how it tasted. So when I happened to be at Bogor area two months ago, I decided to ask my foodie friends to stop by the original Nasi Goreng Guan Tjo at Surya Kencana Street, Bogor. For those who can’t stand the flavor of pete, they can order chicken fried rice instead of nasi goreng pete. but since I love pete, we opted for nasi goreng pete with egg. The fried rice was prepared at the front of the premises and it didn’t take long for our orders to come. The fried rice was fragrant the way I like it when it was stir-fried using a big fire and wok, something Hongkongers called “wok hei” (镬气). The rice was tasty, a bit on the sweet side and the pete was generous. It was delicious, but if I have the chance to return here, I’ll ask for a spicier version of this nasi goreng pete.

Ps: besides nasi goreng, there are also black sticky rice pudding and mung bean porridge. Or you can also try Sate Sapi (beef satay) Pa O’o that opened in the same place.

Nasi Goreng “Guan Tjo”
Jl. Surya Kencana No 193 – Bogor
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  • leo

    Tau gitu gw da ada recommended place deh next time lu dtg Medan. Best kept secret at the moment hehe…

  • JenzCorner

    @leo: waaa… mauu, ntar ya klo ke Medan lagi :)

  • viana

    Jenz, yang lebih enak menurut gw nasi goreng pete di RM Kita di bogor jg, udah pernah nyobain kah?

  • JenzCorner

    @Viana: belum pernah… nanti dicobain deh klo ke Bogor lagi. Thanks ya :)

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