Nasi Kapau Uni Upik

Posted on November 8, 2006 | 12 comments

Nasi Kapau Uni Upik

While still at ‘cafe pisa’, I mentioned that I want to visit Kramat Raya to try the famous ‘nasi kapau’, I said “Don’t you galls want to buy something for sahur tomorrow?”, they seem interested with the idea of having ‘Lemang’ for sahur. so we headed to Senen, it was located at the hook of Kramat Raya Street, there were several food stalls opened in the evening until dawn (I guess) serving Nasi Kapau (almost similar to nasi padang, but it came from a small village called Kapau in west sumatra with have slightly different styles of cooking, their specialty here were bebek cabe ijo & rendang bebek hitam ). when we arrived the place was very crowded with diners, we choose the most crowded one (Nasi Kapau Uni Upik), when my friends buying Lemang & other meal for sahur preparation, I start drooling again when I saw the selection of food there and can’t help my self to order one portion of Nasi Kapau with “bebek sambal lado ijo” 18K, it was delicious especially when you eat eat using your hand πŸ™‚


  • mbu

    looks very tempting..
    do you have more precise guide about the location of the place?!
    PS: plz say hi to everybody there in JS.. πŸ™‚

  • jenz

    hi mbu, lokasinya tepat di perempatan antara senen dan kramat raya, yang ada bioskop.
    btw kesini aja.. makan bareng anak2 JS πŸ™‚

  • maxie

    hmm g dah lama ga mkn disana .
    kalo ga salah ini kan sederet bnyk yah , yg ini yg depan rumah Panti Asuhan Muslim ?
    yg mana Jenz yg sebelah kiri or kanan , soalnya itu yg plng rame .

  • jenz

    iya.. yang depan panti asuhan… kalo keluar dari panti asuhan itu sebelah kiri.

  • F|N

    gila kayanya sedep banget..jd kepengen.. ini yang wkt itu masuk tv bukan sih..? ada liputan juga ttg nasi kapau.

  • Eddie

    Hey man, I just have to say: you are awesome!!! Where can you get that close to home?
    ps. in melbourne now.

  • Hasan Hakim


  • mbu

    makan bareng? hmm.. boleh juga tuh usulnya.. :p

  • ritha

    Haduuuuh, masakan padang…. ngilerrrrr nyaaaaaaaa… πŸ™

  • Ina

    Wow looks good, jadi pengen kesana tapi tidak tau alamatnya.

  • dedi safitra

    bebek sambal lado ijo memang enak tuh, coba juga ayam baker,gulai usus dan gajeboh kalau ada.
    tempatnya, dari arah salemba, begitu sampai flyover Senen langsug putar balik,, trus minggir disitu . bisanya mulai buka sore hari, jam 5 an sampai malam

  • sisca

    Yummy bgt keliatannya ! Rumah gw dulu di Jatinegara, malah blm pernah nyobain ini huhuhuhuuuuu

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