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  • Nasi Timbel Ayam  Empal for lunch at Kedai Timbel
  • One of the best roast duck Id ever tasted
  • Nasi Liwet with sate buntel ayam for lunch
  • Noodle for breakfast this is Pork noodle from Kedai Kopi
  • notetoself always make a reservation first for dinner at salerestaurantbsd
  • Swanshaped pastry with vegetable filling tasted kinda like choipan but
  • Yaayyy! Il Vero Gelateria opened another branch in Taman Palem
  • Coffee Aya A small  minimalist coffeeshop tucked inside the
  • Sunday is for dimsum these are from onedimsum Muara Karang
  • One of May Stars signature dishes golden roast pork medium