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May 16, 2007 | Cakes, Bread & Dessert, Central jakarta, JAKARTA, South Jakarta, West Jakarta

We passed trough this place last weekend and I insisted we turn back and tried this place. It was very crowded on Sunday afternoon, the only seat left was in the smoking section, luckily there’s a customer want to swap place with us so we can sit in the non smoking section. I like the interior of this place, designed in modern minimalism style. Red & dark grey wall with simple hanging lamp combined with white table and chair. Jazz music was playing in the background while people chat & dig on their meal happily. it really create a very cozy atmosphere. The menu it self was quite interesting, various of sweet and savory pancake, waffle. They even got pasta selection and steak. So we ordered : original pancakes (3 pancakes with maple syrup) and sausage and salami (two original pancakes or waffles, smoked beef, salami, sausages, cheese) 32K. for drinks we ordered : ice tea (refill) and “mango, almond & strawberry juice”. SC’s original pancake came first while I have to wait about half an hour for my savory pancake. Overall the pancake was good, cooked into perfection. but it’s a bit too much for us, we both feel very full afterwards πŸ™‚

Sausage and salami pancake

Pancious Pancake House
Jl. Permata Hijau Blok A no. 12,
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta .
Delivery 021 530 4325

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  • lira

    i recommend their pasta, carbonara, it simply creamy and delicious.. ^^ i tried penne carbonara, my mom tried the fettucini but it taste different, it feels uncooked.. πŸ™

  • Dian

    waaa..enak banget pancakesnya!!! kamu suka food adventure ya…. salam kenal…:D

  • sopjagung

    Gue nyobain pancious original pancake. Enak sih, tapi sayangnya nggak pake sirup maple asli. Untuk 18rb, gue rasa layak dong dikasi sirup maple asli, toh harga adonannya gak mungkin mahal2 amat. Martabak bangka aja yang adonannya 2 kali lipat aja bisa lebih murah πŸ˜€

  • chiquita

    waaah menarik menarik ! gue udah lama pengen makan pancake yang decent..
    thanks jen πŸ™‚

  • sopjagung

    Gue mau pancake yang pake maple syrup asli!!!!

  • venny

    Pancake decent mah bikin aja Chic :p. Gue biasanya bikin yg manis + asin jadi satu. Jadi di satu piring ada bacon/sosis + scrambled egg + pancake + maple syrup :p.
    Sop, pake madu aja?

  • Frida

    This is one of the best Pancakes ever in Jakarta! Love and crave for it so many times. You gotta try it if you haven’t!!!

  • Yudha

    Gw bulan lalu makan di sini koq ngga gitu enak yah.
    Pancake yg gw pesen dua2nya bantet, apa kokinya lagi ngantuk kali yah.
    Kalo pancake paling enak so far masih yg di Perth (

  • George

    pancakes on the rocks?? that brings back memories, haven’t tried the one at perth.. will look for it the next time i go there.. tho… for me… i still vote for IHOP… hail for the half dozen stacks + steak and eggs..
    seems pancious food abit unstable.. i guess the cook is abit moody, i think.. that about explain the sometimes good sometimes bad food hehehe..

  • FD

    Luv pancious waffle, very mouth-watering and they charged a very reasonable price. Their chicken avocado burger also taste very nice, quite different with the other places coz they served it with panini bun

  • agnes

    woww. . mren sabtu g k sini cuz ad bdae temen,, errrrmmm . . enaaaakkk . . di blakang ad swim pool nya jg,,, recomenndeedddd sekalii!!

  • putri

    hmm boleh tanya ga y??
    klo dari palmerah itu kearah mana sie??
    sebelah mana nya itc permata hijau y???
    gw dari dulu pengen k sini
    cuma ga tau letak nya sebelah mana.please

  • sopjagung

    Kalo dari Palmerah ke arah ITC Permata Hijau, setelah ketemu ITC ambil jalur kiri seperti mau masuk ITC, tapi nggak masuk, terus aja. Nanti di ujung, jalannya akan berbelok ke kiri (kalau dilurusin bakal masuk kali :D). Ikutin aja jalan itu, kira-kira 200 meter setelahnya, jalannya akan bercabang. Satu lurus, satu ke kanan. Ikutin jalan ke kanan dan liat2 aja ke sebelah kanan, bakal ada sign pancious kok. Apalagi kalo lagi wiken sih, langsung ketahuan deh banyak mobil parkir πŸ˜€

  • pipiw

    gw punya kedai pancake kecil2 an di kota gw, namanya kedai pancake bakar… tapi kalo liat di pancious emang keren n yummy banget pancakenya…
    pancake gw lebih tipis n dibakar jadi cocok bgt buat snack sore hari, gitu…

  • lennie

    gw ud nyoba 2x, tetep stabil sih rasanya..
    and.., fetuccini carbonara nya uenak buanget..

  • Tjing2

    I didn’t find it special, the batter of the pancakes taste too plain..

  • Kao

    Tempatnya enak, keren…
    Makanannya juga enak2, recommended lah…

  • Sun

    Nyoba menu barunya kemaren
    Blueberry cheese pancakenya super duper delicious

  • Venny

    Nyokap gue ke sono malah makan steaknya. Emang enak yah? Mereka sih suka… πŸ˜€

  • andrew

    saya suka pancake nyam!

  • Andrian

    Pan & Cook enak?
    emang Pancious seh std, iseng aja kesono makan :p
    Tapi kalo Pan & Cook enak mah keterlaluan, lha cuma dikit & kecil gt
    Pesenan gw masa cuma pancake tipis plus buah longan beberapa biji….WTF bgt dah buat harganya…mana rasanya jg std
    btw spaghetti di pancious enak tp :p

  • wondering

    ada no telp pancious gak?

  • ine

    ada yang tau ga, kalo mau survey di pancious boleh gak yaa??buat mahasiswa kaya gua^^
    thx lots^^

  • prayoga

    di pancious drpd pancakenya.. mending makan wafflenya.. enak bangeeetttt !!! yg blueberry cheese sama mango nya recommended !!

  • Anonymous

    gg nYeseL kLo udh kTempat yG sAtu ne,,,,
    gw suka banget oreo miLksHake…
    tRuz pancakex gw suka yang manis2…..
    enak bgd c !!

  • Anonymous

    gw ga recomend pancake dsini..
    asli bkin eneg..
    gw bingung banyak bgt yg datengg
    kirain enak, ternyata.. kecewa bgt..
    mungkin suasananya aja enak,.

  • Anonymous

    enak fettucininya yang pake jamur..sama waffle yang coklat2 pake mocca plus almond…hehee
    kan udah buka lagi tuh di pacific place..

  • pinky

    kemaren baru coba di pacific place. tmp ini salah satu resto yg paling rame dibanding resto2 lain di pacific place.
    g coba pancake bolognise, pancake blackforest, & mini potato.
    semuanya ENAKKK… menurut g yg paling top itu ya pancake-nya. topping-nya sih pelengkap aja. oya harus coba mini potato-nya. so tasty & porsinya jg gede (lebih dr di fotonya). mantapp…

  • Anonymous

    i love the waffle burger n baked baby potato

  • shasa

    foodnya ok sih, tp ga special..
    tp tempatnya enakk+cozy bgt. yg di permata hijau ya.. duduk di poolside selonjoran jam 3an, ga ada meja lain. enakk bgt ngadem2 serasa dirmh sendiri. haha
    kadang2 emg bukan great food sih yg dicari, tp tempat yg cozy plus OK foods+drinks udah cukup buat kumpul sm tmen2 sore2

  • customer

    Crepecake di pancious enak..

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