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May 22, 2012 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, Medan, No Pork, North Sumatra Cuisine


For lunch, we went to RM Beringin Indah, recommended by a friend on Twitter. This restaurant serves various kinds of fried birds: burung puyuh, blibis, ruak-ruak, ayam-ayam, merpati. Besides that, they also have soto burung ruak-ruak and soto burung puyuh. The serving style is just like a Padang restaurant, in which is they place lots of mini dish plates on the table and we only pay for what we ate.


So we ordered their specialties: burung ruak-ruak goreng (15K/pcs) and soto burung ruak-ruak 13K. I’m not really sure what kind of bird ruak-ruak is, but I think it’s the kind of bird usually found near paddy fields. I love the fried bird. It was fried perfectly with crispy skin and still juicy meat. The taste is a bit on the salty side, but it went well with the spicy sambal they provided. The soto ruak-ruak is only so so, nothing special, and the bird were fried first before they put it inside the coconut milk soup. I also like their fried bean curd. Overall I was quite impressed. The service is quite fast considering the place was crowded during lunch hour. Will love to come back some other time 🙂

RM Beringin Indah I
Jl. Medan Siantar KM 10
Tapian Dolok
North Sumatra

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