RM. Suka Damai, Perbaungan

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On our way back to Medan, we drove by a town named Perbaungan (about an hour from Medan). SC always remembered this town for a place called RM. Suka Damai that sells arguably the best rempeyek udang (prawn fritters) for 4K each. They used lots of smaller prawns, so the fritters are very tasty although I must admit that they’re very oily too.


The restaurant also serves various dishes in a manner resembling Padangnese restaurant. They have a pretty good soto ayam (Medanese style shredded chicken cooked in coconut milk soup) and gulai kepala ikan (fish head curry) for only 25K per portion. So if you happen to be in Perbaungan (or more commonly, passing through the town) give Suka Damai’s rempeyek udang a try.


Suka Damai
Jl Serdang No.47
Perbaungan 20586
061 7990138.

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