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Tabona is one of our must visit places whenever we went to Medan. This time, my family and I have lunch there before we went to Parapat for a two-day trip. The place was crowded when we arrived as it was lunch time. I’ve spotted some changes since our last visit. They are now placing chairs and parasols on the sidewalks outside the restaurant. We chose to sit outside and ordered our meals. I ordered a portion of bihun kari ayam. The taste is as delicious as it has always been. I’ve tried in vain to find a place in Jakarta serving bihun kari ayam that tasted this good. The chicken was tender, the soup was rich and tasty. I also liked the addition of chicken blood in the meal. You can count on me returning here again on my next trip to Medan.


Jl. Mangkubumi simpang Jl. Wajir (In front of Brastagi Fruit Market)
North Sumatra


  • Sisca

    Minum jus kedondongnya ga Jen? Dicemplungin satu semboi. Enak deh asem manis dan segar

  • Anonymous

    di Pluit juga ada kan Tabona ?

  • jenz

    ada, tapi rasanya jauh beda dibanding yang aslinya di Medan πŸ™‚

  • Kenji

    Di Gang Gloria Pancoran juga ada Kari Bihun yang namanya Kari Lam. Yang jual juga orang Medan dan daging ayamnya juga di-gunting2 pake gunting. Juga bisa pake ke-ang (gumpalan darah ayam) kalo mau. I belum pernah coba Tabona yang terkenal di Medan itu jadi nggak bisa membandingkan tapi menurut Bondan Winarno, Kari Lam tidak kalah ama Tabona Medan. Apakah Jenz udah pernah coba Kari Lam?

  • jenz

    udah pernah makan kari lam yang di gloria beberapa kali.. menurut gw sih masih enakan yang tabona jauh πŸ˜€

  • Kenji

    Kalo begitu, terpaksa gua balik lagi ke Medan sebab Pebruari yang lalu gua nggak sempat coba Tabona.
    Boleh ksih tau apa2 aja die-hard must-try food di Medan? Supaya gua bisa cobain satu per satu. πŸ™‚

  • Henry

    Highly recommended
    Itu om n tante kandung sy
    mkn tabona sejak usia 5taon
    start up nya di P.Siantar actually
    tp booming nya d Medan

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