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February 15, 2006 | CUISINE, Medan, Thai & Vietnam Cuisine

Bihun Kari AyamOne of the food I tried in Medan last holiday was Bihun Kari Ayam (Chicken Curry served with rice noodle) at RM Tabona. I insisted to have lunch here the first day I arrived. RM Tabona served a delicious Chicken Curry & Beef Curry, usually eaten with rice or bihun. The curry tasted so different from the one I tried at Padangnese restaurants. It tasted richer and spicier.

RM. Tabona
Jl. Wajir/Mangkubumi no 1
(in front of Brastagi Fruit Store)

is a 2 story Thai restaurant located in Sinar Plasa Complex. We ordered Tom Yam Thalai 38K, Kheow Wan Gai 35K and Kailan with Garlic 29K. Not bad but not really special too đŸ™‚

Tom Yam Thalai 38K, Kheow Wan Gai 35K, Kailan with Garlic 29K

Restoran Thai

Jl. Guru Patimpus Block G No. 11
Komplek Sinar Plaza
Phone +62 (61) 4561631

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  • flona

    waiyoo abis pulkam yaaa? happy belated V day

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