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September 8, 2008 | Cirebon, West Java Cuisine

After lunch, we went to buy Cirebon’s specialties to bring back home. In Cirebon the most famous food store is Manisan Sinta, which sells everything from manisan buah, manisan sayur, keripik – keropok, Tjampolay syrup, etc. I was not really excited in this store, soon I felt bored and I started browsing outside the store for the kaki lima vendors. There were several interesting selections such as Es Duren (durian ice cream topped with Tjampolay syrup) and Tahu Gejrot (fried tofu topped with shallot & bird eye chilli slices and then poured (digejrot) with a spicy palm sugar juices). So we waited for others to do their shopping, while I sit in front of the store happily digging in on a portion of Tahu Gejrot, while SC bought es duren & Kembang Tahu and share it with me. πŸ™‚

Tahu Gejrot Khas Cirebon Amad
Outside Manisan Sinta Store
Jl. Lemah Wungkuk 37 (near Kanoman market)

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  • sopjagung

    The sad thing about es duren in Cirebon is that all the sellers are using Monthong durians instead of local varieties πŸ™

  • V

    Gue selama ini kira gejrot = ulek :p.

  • jenz

    iya, tadinya gw juga mikir gitu Ven. taunya digejrot = diguyur itu dari si abang yang jualan langsung.

  • chiquita

    eh gue ada lho foto si abang yang cunihin itu..
    pas mau pulang dia nanya ke gue : neng, si eneng yang geulis itu mana ?
    *maksudnya euis*

  • Daniel Prawira

    Wahhh tahu gejrot cirebon emang the best!!! ya ga Jenz?…my aunt always brought a hundreds of ’em kl lg pulang kampung ke cirebon.
    Dan entah kenapa kl tahu gejrot cirebon pas digoreng lg rasanya bs crunchy bgt kulitnya… eventhough smells kinda weird (kt adik g kyk bau kaki) hehe tp enakkk bgt dan rasanya bikin nagih

  • Ricky

    ma’nyos,uenak tenan….
    kira2 yg jual tahu gejrot di daerah jakara, dimana ya ?

  • Elisa Sutanudjaja

    Hmm, yang diulek itu bawang putih, bawang merah dan macam2 cabainya πŸ™‚ Tapi uleknya sengaja unfinished gak alus gitu.
    Paling suka dengan bawang putih banyak … lalu menebar aroma bawang kemana-mana, hihihi.

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