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Posted on July 31, 2007 | 9 comments

I already heard about this place for quite some time now, but never have chance to try it my self. So this time, this place sits on our ‘die die must try’ list in Bandung. Located in Jl. Sawung Galing, actually its a residential house turned into a restaurant. So we were escorted from one room to another room until we decided to sit near the window. the place was designed in old colonial house, so the ceiling was quite high, & the lighting creates a cozy athosphere. I love this place instantly. 🙂

After reading their quite impressive menu, we start to order : for starter : Sauteed French escargot with garlic herbs butter on champignon mushrooms. half dozen 49.5K, two types of soup : Cream of field mushrooms soup with herbs garlic grissini 26.5K, Scotch broth, a clear vegetables, lamb and barley soup 24.5K. For main courses : we choose Grilled 6 oz. premium Australia Black Angus beef fillet with wild mushrooms ragout, creamy whipped potato and merlot reduction flavored with Arabica coffee beans 195K, and for dessert, we order chef Felix’s special : Ultra Noir Chocolate Orgasm (a frozen Belgium couverture chocolate bombe with hazelnut and kahlua) 45K. In my opinion all the dishes were cooked into perfection, the steak was delicious, cooked medium-rare just like what we want, the meat was so juicy & tender. and the dessert was ‘orgasmic’. For this quality of meal, and a friendly service, I think the price is very very reasonable. 🙂

The Windchime
Jl. Sawungguling No. 10 A
Bandung – 40116
Jawa Barat, Indonesia
ph. +62(22) 423-9963


  • Andrian

    very tempting…..:)
    tapi koq mahal amat yaks 😛

  • Darwin


  • Jenz

    kalo menurut gw sih ngga mahal ya, range harga main-coursenya mulai dari 44.500 – 295.000, dessert dari 27.500 – 70.000. salad sekitar 25K, Pasta sekitar 50K.

  • maxie

    woww menarik banget yah , dimana sih daerah Sawungguling itu Jenz ?
    biar g sering ke Bdg lom tau daerah itu .
    uda coba makan malem di kaki lima jl. cibadak lom ?
    bole2 juga loh pilihannya bnyk juga .

  • jenz

    Sawunggaling tuh deket Dago, kalo ga salah inget sih masuk dari jalan di sebrang Aquarius Dago

  • maxie

    Jenz .. Dago kan panjang Jenz Aquarius kae nya Dago bawah yah yg udah mau turun ke Merdeka bukan ?
    yg bawah2 daerah Holiday Inn bukan ? maap g tanya mulu , apa yg naek ke atas arah Boromeus trus itu ?

  • chiquita

    Kalo nggak salah, Sawung Galing itu kalo kita ke arah Dago atas, setelah Dunkin Donut akan ketemu lampu merah (yang ada Kimia Farma), belok kiri. Ikutin jalan aja ke arah kiri.

  • Agnes

    jadi laper lihat foto2nya..
    Apa ada cabang di Jakarta? Atau bisa rekomen tempat seperti ini di Jakarta?

  • fudgemeister

    Great resto to taste real food..jangan buru2 tapi..savor every bite..yum..worth every rupiah paid

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