Wan Wei Xiang Suki

Posted on April 26, 2007 | 4 comments

Two days ago we had dinner with several friends at a newly opened restaurant located at Lokasari Complex, Mangga Besar. There’s no obvious signboard in front of the restaurant (there’s an almost similar restaurant called ‘wan li xiang’ something just 2 doors away). From the name ‘Suki’ we knew that this place served suki/hot pot, but they also served Sichuan cuisine (a style of Chinese cuisine originating in Sichuan Province of southwestern China which has an international reputation for being hot and numbing (麻辣), because of the common ingredient : Sichuan peppercorn) There are over 100 choices of fish, chicken, duck, pork, beef, mutton, bird, cooked in Sichuan style. We started by ordering 2 portion of dimsum 15K with Chinese Tea 4K while waiting for our friends to arrive. The meal came accompanied by a bowl of freshly made chilli oil for dipping (not really hot). Then our friends arrived and we start ordering, since none of us can speak “Mandarin” properly, we choose the food using sign languages (pointing at the pictures of food) 😛 And we ordered : 2 prawn herbal soup cooked in bamboo at 68K each, 2 Keong Macan (their specialty) 68K each, Pork parts cooked in special sauce 42K, Spicy Frog 45K, Steamed “ikan kerapu” 158.4K, Kung Pao Chicken 48K, hot & spicy beef 42K, duck soup 55K. All of the meal were delicious (if you like hot and spicy meal) and we really have a good time trying to pick out the “keong macan”, plus several glass of sangria and red wine and chocolate from chocolat factory & royce & pisgor kalimantan from sari rasa, Good friend & good food, it was a heavenly dinner :)

Keong Macan

Wan Wei Xiang Suki
Komplek Lokasari Blok A/6
Jl. Mangga Besar
West Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 6252689

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  • venny

    ihik, mana foto2 makanan lainnya? Gimana? Gimana? Authentic gak sichuannya. Tus, lo masih mo coba nerusin ‘the hunt for the perfect hotpot’? 😀

  • Reza

    Sounds like quite a party Jen. Where did you get tge royce and choco factory chocs? Saw the sites, looks yummy.

  • Jenz

    Ven, batere kameranya koit pas baru dapet 1-2pic, lumayan pedes & bikin berkeringat. waktu itu ga coba hotpot sih.. tapi kayanya gw pengen kesono lagi deh 😀
    Reza: you can buy royce at suntec city, and chocolat factory at vivo city Singapore

  • LiTa

    Ugh, penasaran ama keong macan… Pernah denger resto ini dari Yohan, tp blm nyampe ke sana euy…
    BTW, Royce juga ada di basement takashimaya 😀
    thanks jg infonya ttg Chocolat Factory

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