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January 4, 2013 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, Medan

061 Bistro Medan

That night in Medan, we decided to have a quick dinner at 061 Bistro nearby our hotel. Located at the historical Kesawan street, not far from Tjong A Fie Mansion, it was a bit quiet on Monday night, but that was exactly what we’re looking for. The name ‘061’ is taken from Medan’s phone area code. The place was warm and cozy with an indoor area for non-smokers (Yay!) and an outdoor area for smoking. 061 Bistro offers local favorite/modern Indonesian dishes. The menu have quite creative names such as nasi gurilla, nasi agore, nasi ayam kun thao bo, ayam bara gelora etc. So after studying the menu for a while, I decided to order nasi ayam kun thao bo and SC’s settled for nasi agore

061 Bistro Medan nasi Kun Tao bo

The nasi ayam kun thao bo I ordered came in a very nice presentation. The rice was shaped in two triangular rice balls, accompanied with what looked & tasted like a grilled chicken teriyaki. It was quite delicious although the soup that came with the rice tasted a bit off.


SC’s nasi agore also looked and tasted good. It was actually nasi kuning/gurih (savory turmeric rice) accompanied with fried chicken and some veggie in pecel (peanut) sauce. Overall I quite like the place, hopefully I can return in the future to try more of their creations.

061 Bistro
Jl Ahmad Yani (Kesawan) No. 80
Indonesia 20111
ph. +62 (61) 4525415

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