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June 18, 2013 | Beverages, Cakes, Bread & Dessert, JAKARTA, South Jakarta, South Sumatra

115 Coffee Gandaria

My first encounter with 1/15 Coffee was in last October after a not so delightful coffee experience in a West Jakarta mall. I then persuaded my friends to go to Gandaria area to try another coffee place called One Fifteenth Coffee. Upon entering the place, I sensed a different vibe from the usual coffee place I frequented. The place is light, with several long wooden tables that seems to be designed for groups or communal working. On the coffee bar lies lots of coffee gadgets that will make any coffee nerd happy. There is also a separated smoking area, which is good news for me who is always on the lookout for a place with good non-smoking policy.

  • 115-coffee-black-coffee
  • 115-coffee-chocolate-melt
  • 115-coffee-churros
  • 115-coffee-kalita-capuccinno
  • 115-coffee-kalita-wave
  • 115-coffee-mie-celor
  • 115-coffee-pempek
  • 115-coffee-tekwan

One Fifteenth serves several types of coffee beans from local sources and South America. They also provide all kinds of brewing methods you can try: french press, kalita wave, v60, chemex or syphon. Just ask them what coffee goes well with what method if you’re not feeling adventurous. I once tried Aceh Gayo with Kalita Wave and like it so much. I’ve gone back there a couple of times whenever I pass Gandaria (it’s only a 10 minutes walk from Gandaria City Mall). Besides coffee, I also like the Palembang dishes they serve such as Mie Celor, Lenggang or Pempek which in my opinion tasted very good. On my last visit, I found out that they have a very affordable deal for molten varlhona chocolate cake with black coffee that cost only 50K. So, have you visited One Fifteenth Coffee? If yes, then tell me what you think about the place.

1/15 – One Fifteenth Coffee
Jl. Gandaria I/63
South Jakarta
ph. +62 (21) 7225678

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  • FS

    The Mie Celor is outstanding. Certainly didn’t expect a coffee place could serve great Palembang food.

  • Marisa

    Personally, I like the coffee shop, same like you.
    Thank you for sharing a good article.

  • Hartika Lysdiawati

    I proud as Indonesian due to we have so many rich taste of coffee.

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