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March 3, 2005 | CUISINE, Malaysia

We arrived at Kuala Lumpur at dawn, lucky for us our hotel was right in front of the Puduraya Bus Station so we don’t have to take taxi 😛 But the hotel won’t check us in until 7AM, so we wandered around the hotel and found a small coffee shop nearby the hotel that still open, so we sit there eating “Nasi Lemak” and drinking Tea 🙂
After checked in and take a nap, we are ready to explore this town. So we walked through the street try to found a bus to KLCC. At last we found it after asking several times for direction, its bus no 28 from KutaRaya to KLCC. At KLCC after take a few picture in front of the Petronas Tower, we headed to Suria KLCC’s food court for lunch. There is two food court available there, one serving the international cuisine and the other on serving Asian Delight Cuisine. We choose the Asian delight food court, after wandered around looking of the food selection we ordered “Mamak Nasi Kandar”, Wonton Noodle, and “Ganthari Rice” (some of the food name misspell :P). Not very special but the “Nasi Kandar” was very tasty hehehe 🙂

>after lunch we wandered through the mall, enter Kinokuniya Bookstore. There is a “Vinci” female shoes store at KL CC, but it was very crowded so I made a decision to visit the store at Penang. After that we took a bus back to Kutaraya and wandered around the small shop there and found a “Junk Book Store” the biggest second hand book store in Malaysia .. hehehe.. bought 2 novel here (Artemis Fowl & Sophie World) and I promised to be back tomorrow 🙂 after that we walked (again) to Bukit Bintang Street, a famous tourist street in KL full with Hotels, Cafes, and Malls. I Entered two shopping mall here (Bukit Bintang Plaza & Lot 10) then.. my food gave up, so I had to purchased for a flat slippers there hehehe 😛 after that we sat at the outdoor food stall outside Lot 10 and ordered “Hokkian Char Kwey Teow” and Juices… the food was simply delicious or maybe thats because I too hungry after a long long walk hehehe 😛 after that we walked back to the hotel.
At night we visited Petaling street, from 6pm onwards, the street is turned into a night bazaar (Pasar Malam) as open-air stalls are set up selling so many goods. we had dinner there. I picked the Famous Claypot Rice and Some Chinese Soup. Personally I prefer food in Penang than in Kuala Lumpur, but its worth to try 😛 On our way back to the hotel we bought a roti “Pratha” in the Indian restaurant nearby… mmm not bad 🙂

The next morning it was raining, but we decided to had breakfast at Petaling street again because it was the closest place from the hotel. We had some Chinese Dumpling, Fish Porridge & “Kuan Yin” tea there, then wandered around the traditional market. My mom bought some Chinese Silk there and I insist we go back to the book store, but when we reach the place it still close 🙁 but then I noticed its Monday. after that we went back to the hotel and prepared to checkout and headed back to Pulau Penang by bus. I’ll be back again some times.. there is still alot to visit in this town 🙂

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  • tetangga

    wah jenz.. lu kapan baliknya? jalan2 terus ya… enaknya udah lebih dari 2 minggu yah? berapa minggu cutinya?

  • tetangga

    berapa orang yg pergi? sama mama aja yah?
    pake bahasa apa disana?

  • jz

    sama nyokap, pake bahasa mandarin campur inggris… tapi di KL pakenya kantonis

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