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Last friday morning 11/3, I went to Bogor with some of my Milist friends for Bogor Food Tasting Journey. The journey to Bogor took about 1 hour, we arrived at 8:00 AM and headed to “Taman Kencana” for breakfast. We had Nasi Pecel and rawon there, there is a popular “Macaroni panggang” cafe nearby. After that we headed to “Rangga Gading” traditional market to tried “Pangsit Penganten”, Soto Mie, Combro etc. After that we tried “Toge Goreng” sold by “Ibu Amah”. Since I’m not a big fan of toge (beansprout) I only tried a litle.
At lunch time we had “soto mie ciseeng”, “ngo hiang”, “Bakut Goreng”, “Bakut Kuah”… well theres alot more 🙂 such as “Es Mangga”, “Asinan Gg Aut”, etc.


After Lunch we headed to Warso’s Farm to tried out Durian :)we also walk around the farm and watch how the “Duren” fruit grow .. From Warso’s Farm, we went to Bukit sentul where we tried es cendol & “Tahu Pong” mmm…..what a yummy yummy day, and my diet was officialy ruined but I didn’t regret it hehehe 🙂

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  • juli

    Oh my God…I love your story and that’s really yummy and the pics of the food make me feel sad… I am really home sick…all are my favorite home town food. I really miss them . I will try to get them next year when I come to visit my family in my home town.

  • Foodlover

    Jenz, mau nanya dong…..kalo ngohyang bogor di Jakarta ada ga ya???

  • gandy

    nanya dong bro…
    warso farm letak tepatnya dimana ya?
    will be waiting for your info in my mail

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