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March 3, 2005 | CUISINE, Malaysia

This morning we headed to Penang Traditional Market near Komtar. At first I want to had some dumpling there but couldn’t found the coffee shop serving that, so i gave up and enter a coffee shop and ordered Oyster Porridge while my Mom ordered Chicken Rice.

After that we headed to Prangin Mall & Komtar for shopping. At the Shopping mall I was fastinated by so many selection of traditional food stock which can’t be found at jakarta. So I grabbed as much stock as I could hehehe (kalap mode: on): Chicken Stock, Ikan Bilis Stock, Herbal Claypot Soups and some spices 😛 went to Vinci Shoe Store too hehehe. After that we went to Midland Plaza (also known at Looking Good) at Pulau Tikus and had lunch at The Famous Nasi Kandar. we had Nasi kandar with Tandorri Chicken mmmm… not bad.
In the afternoon we headed to Gurney Plaza where I had fun at the bookstore upstair choosing alot of cooking book (4 books for 10RM) I got about 8 books there plus 3 cooking book from Popular bookstore 😛 people will think that I was into a career as a chef hehehe 😛
After that we had “Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun”, and then we had “Hainamnese Chicken Rice”, braised Tofu & Egg at the Chicken Rice Shop mmmm yummy…. Selamat Makan 🙂

The Next morning, we walked to “Wat Chaiyamangalaran” Thai Buddhist Temple which got a Giant Sleeping Budha inside. We also entered a Burmese Budhist Temple across the street. On our way back we stopped at Pulau Tikus traditional market and had a bowl of Duck Bihoon there. after that we prepared to go to the airport and fly back to Medan, North Sumatra. 🙂

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  • Hannah

    Gosh those pictures look good!

  • tetangga

    wah buburnya keliatannya enak eh… nyam nyam…

  • lira

    Try to have your breakfast in Ayer / Air Itam market.. they serve very delicious kwetiau.. not the fried one, but the one with soup.. you should definitely try this one!! The only food that i miss so much from Penang is this food.. believe me you would love this food.. ^^
    Ps: i would suggest you to add more meat for the kwetiau.. ^^

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