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March 2, 2006 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, South Jakarta

I had dinner with some of my colleagues galls last Sunday night at Payon Restaurant. I’ve never been to Payon before. I like the interior, decorated like Indonesian traditional house, with wooden table & desk, open air, very romantic atmosphere *banyak nyamuk juga*. They served Indonesian traditional cuisine : actually I think its Javanese Cuisine, quite pricey but I think its worthed. They got several store at the right side of the restaurant, the one that most impressed me was the one decorated in warung style selling some snack / food from my childhood that already hard to find nowadays.

Payon, Authentic Indonesian Restaurant & shops

That night we ordered : Ayam Goreng Serai (deep fried chicken marinated with traditional spices & lemon grass) 43K, Empal Penyet ‘Payon’ (deep fried crispy beef fillet marinated in traditional spices crushed in garlic chili) 27K, Pepes Udang (steamed shrimps mixed with traditional herbs and chili wrapped in banana leaf) 10.5K, Loyang Sate : sate poya, sate daging bumbu rujak & sate daging asam manis (combination of three different satays, sate poya : beef satay marinated in spiced herbs with shaved coconut, beef satay marinated in hot & spicy sauce, sweet and sour beef satay) 32.5K, Osengan kecipir (Kecipir sauted with shallots garlic and chilly) 18K, Ayam Penyet (fried chicken marinated in traditional spices crushed in garlic chilly) 27.5K, Sambel Dendeng (thin crust fried spiced beef fillet topped with chilly oil) 48.75K, Tempe & Tahu Penyet (deep fried soya bean / bean curd marinated in traditional spices crushed in garlic chilly) 12.5K, Sambal Gandaria (Hot chilly with gandaria fruit) 7.5K, Es Lengkeng (longan fruit, selasih & cincau mixed in ice with a dash of pandan syrup) 18.75K, Es Puter (traditional Indonesian ice cream with kopyor ‘young coconut’ and kacang hijau ‘green beans’ flavor) 6.5K.

Authentic Indonesian Restaurant & shops

Jl.Kemang Raya no.17,
Jakarta 12730
Phone: 021-7194826

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  • Rubiati Juri Winter

    Watched the re-run of Jalan Jalan Chari Makan by Suria, I fell in love with the restaurant set up and furniture. Foods look and sound fantastic. May I know where to get those dining chair – it’s beautiful.
    A must place to visit when in Jakarta.

  • Jenz

    You can easily find the dining set at antique furniture store in Indonesia, I think they make this kind of furniture in Jepara (central Java).

  • yoanna

    Jenz, kamu mesti cobain iga bakarnya, enak banget 🙂 tapi jangan lumpia nya, not so special rasanya 🙂

  • twini vrni

    Hi there, can i know who is the owner of this restaurant? can you help me on that? thanks before.

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