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June 13, 2013 | Central jakarta, JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine, No Pork

Sumiya Japanese Restaurant Jakarta

I never knew until recently that hidden inside STC (Senayan Trade Center) Mall is a Japanese restaurant called Sumiya (炭家). It seems to be authentic since the patrons are said to be mostly Japanese. So, when several of my foodie friends asked me to join them for dinner there, I quickly agreed. Apparently the place was so crowded, so reservation is necessary. We forgot to ask whether they have a non-smoking area or not, and turned out they didn’t have it. So we’re only hoping that we’re seated far-far away from the smokers.

Sumiya Japanese Restaurant STC Senayan Jakarta

Stepping into Sumiya (炭家), we got an izakaya atmosphere with dark minimalist design that resembles an old-fashioned Japanese house with several cubicles for dining area. There’s also a glass covered open kitchen at the left side. We arrived late due to a pouring rain and the rest of our party arrived after we’ve already ordered. So without further ado, this is what we had that night.

Sumiya Japanese Restaurant STC Senayan Jakarta

Spread on the table were several dishes such as kara kara nabe (chicken and vegetables hot pot) 85K, shake meshi (salmon rice) 73K, nira reba itame (stir-fried chicken liver with chives) 48K, kani cream korokke (crab croquette) 43K, cream cheese kanappe 48K, salmon salad 58K and several types of yakitori (skewered dish): tebasaki (chicken wing) 15K, kawa (chicken skin) 15K and sasami sisho ume (chicken breast with pickled plum and shisho) 16K. Most tasted delicious and I especially like the nira reba itame and shake meshi.

The food disappeared so fast that we’ve to order again. This time we ordered geso aspara butter (squid with asparagus sautéed with butter) 53K, kaiba horenso butter (scallops and spinach sautéed with butter) 53K, gyu momo roast (roast beef) 88K, gyu tan (grilled beef tongue) 59K, wakadori no kara-age (fried chicken) 48K and another yakitori: gin nan (grilled ginkgo nuts) 13K. I must say that the highlight of the night was gyu momo roast, which was beautifully presented and tasted oh so good, the kara-age and horenso butter were OK, the gyu tan was also good, and I also like the taste of the grilled ginkgo nuts. Oh, if you like, you should also order a glass of umeshu (plum liquor) soda 48K which is essentially a drink to make you happy.

  • sumiya-japanese-restaurant-stc-senayan-cream-cheese-kanappe
  • sumiya-japanese-restaurant-stc-senayan-geso-aspara-butter
  • sumiya-japanese-restaurant-stc-senayan-gin-nan
  • sumiya-japanese-restaurant-stc-senayan-gyu-momo-roast
  • sumiya-japanese-restaurant-stc-senayan-gyu-tan
  • sumiya-japanese-restaurant-stc-senayan-kaiba-horenso-butter
  • sumiya-japanese-restaurant-stc-senayan-kani-cream-korokke
  • sumiya-japanese-restaurant-stc-senayan-kara-kara-nabe
  • sumiya-japanese-restaurant-stc-senayan-nira-reba-itame

Overall it was a great night, the food was delicious, the service was friendly and the price was pretty reasonable. The only minus point is they didn’t have a designated (and separate) area for non-smoking customers.

Sumiya Japanese Restaurant
STC Senayan IT Mall
Ground Floor no. 128
Jl. Asia Afrika Pintu IX Gelora Senayan
p. +62(21) 5793 1826
f. +62(21) 5793 1827

Operating Hours:
Lunch: 11:30 – 14:30 (last order: 14:00)
Dinner: 18:00 – 23:00 (last order: 22:30)

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  • V

    Ini pake Samsung ya Jen? Kalo gelap jelek ya? Gue juga bawa samsung sekarang cuma sebel kalo situasi gelap/malam.

  • JenzCorner

    Iya V, pake samsung… Parah kalo malem 🙁 tp ringan utk dibawa2

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