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August 27, 2014 | Beverages, JAKARTA, South Jakarta

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about a place called ABCD Coffee. When I first heard about it, the place had a somewhat erratic opening hours (it’s not even open during most weekdays) and it was more like a playground for baristas / coffee lovers. So, when I found out that they’re open during one weekend, I was excited and dragged SC there.


ABCD Coffee, short for A Bunch of Caffeine Dealers, is not your typical fancy coffee shop that have been booming in Jakarta lately. It is located right in the middle of Pasar Santa (Santa Traditional Market), without air conditioning or rows of plush sofas. It’s truly a rare sight to find a coffee shop in the middle of a traditional market serving quality coffee with modern equipment like an espresso machine or manual brewing utensils.


When I first went to ABCD Coffee nearly three months ago, the place wasn’t as crowded as it is now. The barista in charge that day was very friendly, she invited us to sit inside and chat with us as she prepared our coffee. I had a cup of cappuccino and picollo brewed from local coffee beans that was available that day. It was as good as if I was sipping it in a fancy coffee shop. I even bought a pack of Kintamani coffee roasted by Manuel Diaz (a master roaster from the CQI – Coffee Quality Institute). There were no price list for the coffee we had, we only paid for what we think was suitable for the coffee we’ve been served. We just dropped the payment into a red can bearing the message ‘as generous as you can be’. I went there again a week later to try the Panama geisha coffee brewed with a dripper. It was really good, but unfortunately the beans were not for sale.

  • ABCD-Coffee-ngopidipasar
  • geisha-coffee-at-pasar-santa
  • ngopi-di-pasar-santa

Since then, ABCD Coffee has gained a lot of attention among coffee lovers in Jakarta. It gets crowded every weekend with quite a long queue. They also have a school of coffee on weekdays. I hope I’ll be able to enjoy their coffee again as soon as possible.

ABCD – A Bunch of Caffeine Dealers
Pasar Santa
Level 1, Block AL.01-BKS No. 75-77
Jl. Cipaku I
South Jakarta

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