Hi, welcome to JenzCorner.net,

JenzCorner.net is an independent restaurant review blog mostly focusing on restaurants and hawker stands/street food in Jakarta, although restaurants in other cities or countries may occasionally get reviewed when I travel there.

I created this blog using blogspot back in 2004. It has moved several times since then and is currently located at JenzCorner.net. The purpose of this blog is mainly to share eating experiences we (me and SC, my soulmate/eating partner/editor) have had. We both don’t have any culinary background, so we’re not experts and not trying to be ones. We just love to eat, eat and eat!

Non Smoking Restaurants please!
We are not trying to cover the hippest/coolest restaurants. We’ll be very happy if we can find a restaurant with great food, but has been almost forgotten. And we generally avoid visiting restaurants where smoking is allowed freely or where there are no proper separation between smoking & non-smoking sections.

No Advertorial / Paid Review
JenzCorner.net does not accept advertorial reviews, we also do not receive or solicit payment for restaurant reviews. This way, you’re only going to find honest reviews about eateries, whether it’s good or bad. We understand that people have differing tastes, so we try our best to write down why we liked/disliked certain dishes in a restaurant. 

No Media Gathering / Food Tasting Invitation
JenzCorner.net does not accept Media Gathering / Food Tasting Invitation anymore. We use to do that, but eventually we felt that receiving freebies while trying to write honest reviews create a strong conflict of interest. So we stopped. Now, we eat and write about what we like, not what the restaurant wants us to write, and of course we paid for our own food.

All of the pictures in this blog are taken using Jenz’s Canon DSLR or her camera phone unless stated differently. If you wish to use any images from this blog, please contact us via email [hello@jenzcorner.net] or [jenz_corner@yahoo.com].

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Thank you & have a delicious day 🙂