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January 19, 2006 | Chinese Cuisine, JAKARTA, West Jakarta

I went to DutaMas for dinner last Tuesday. Actually I planned to stay late at the office, so I ordered 1 portion of “nasi goreng super duper pedes” at 4PM. Later in the afternoon SC mentioned he will go to Dutamas that night, mmmm I quickly think : Dutamas have a lot of delicious food… and I said I’ll go there too 🙂

Acuan Chinese Food

So that night we had dinner at ACUAN chinese restaurant (the owner is the younger brother of AHWA) and ordered Lumpia Udang (30K), Lindung cah Fumak (20K), Kailan cah Bawang Putih (19K), then I walked nextdoor to “Es Campur Siantar” and ordered Es Campur (8K), Thousand Island Ice (8K) and Es Seko Teng (8K). All the food were simply delicious & the ice campur were refreshing. That night I feel very full because I had 2 course dinner hehehe…greedy greedy greedy…

Chinese Food

Komp. Taman Duta Mas.
Blok A6 No.16
Jl. Tubagus Angke, Jakarta
ph. 5676575

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