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November 27, 2007 | CUISINE, Events, INDONESIAN CUISINE

Last weekend, we visited Adira Kenduri Kuliner Nusantara event held at Gedung Arsip Nasional (Jl. Gajah Mada 111, Jakarta Barat). The entry fee is 20K per pax, and to buy the food we have to use coupons (5K per coupon). There were a lot of interesting food selection offered, such as : Boepet Mini – Martabak Palembang – Mie Tjelor Pempek – Boergo – Nasij Oedoek Laksa &Tape Oeli Tjisalak – Gaboes Poecoeng Ciboeboer – Soto Mie -Tahoe Pong – Gado-gado dan Roejak Tjingoer -Koepang Lontong & Asem-Asem – Mie Kepiting PontianakAtjil – Sate Jamoer – Nasij Bali – Ajam Taliwang Senggigi Coto – Yougwa Masakan Papua – Koewe Tradisional Eis Mangga & Pala – Tjintjaoe Djahe Tjikini – Biir Pletok – Serabi Solo Notosoeman gaja Menteng – Eis Kelapa Muda &Otak-otak . Since I haven’t had breakfast yet, I started with Nasi Jenggo 2 coupons (very pricey judging from the meal’s portion & content, and originally in Bali, this food is very cheap), while SC looked for Semur Jengkol & nasi uduk from Nasi Uduk Betawi Bang Nuri. The meal cost him about 20K (4 coupons), but it tasted delicious. After that, I tried sate jamur from Banyumas (half portion : 1 coupon), Sayur Babanci, tape ketan & uli from Mpok Minoel’s Stand. Then, I bought a portion of papeda with ikan gabus kuah asam (3 coupons) from Yougwa stand. I had wanted to try papeda for so long, but never have the courage to actually sample it. I mean, I was a bit hesitant to try the papeda (it looks like sticky glue), but suprisingly it tasted OK, the soup was so fresh and delicious. 🙂

Adira Kenduri Kuliner Nusantara

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  • usep suhud

    thank for visitting our event. we we were so glad to welcome you there.
    please join in our next event, still about culinary and things.

    usep suhud

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