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August 29, 2008 | JAKARTA, Malaysia Singapore, West Jakarta

Ah Mei Cafe

Three weeks ago, we passed by this newly opened cafe at Puri Indah Mall called Ah Mei Cafe. I was quite excited when I read the sign roti prata & nasi biryani, so I urged SC to have lunch there. Ah Mei Cafe is a Singaporean style Kopi Tiam that serves toast, noodle, roti prata, nasi biryani, murtabak & teh tarik. It is a semi self-service restaurant that we have to queue & pay for the meal first & then the meal will be served on our table later. Since we’ve just had our late breakfast, we only ordered roti prata with curry, mutton biryani rice and teh tarik (for share). Overall the taste was not bad, but not as spectacular as they claimed. The portion was quite small for the price. I think this place is only suitable for light breakfast. 🙂

Ah Mei Cafe

Ah Mei Cafe
Puri Indah Mall, Ground Floor 70B-C
West Jakarta 11610
ph/fx. +62(21) 5822729

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One thought

  • paijo

    cabang terakhir kalo gak salah buka di emporium mall,sekitar 5 hari setelah pembukaan,sy coba makan nasigoreng sama roti pratanya, sy akuin rasanya lumayan enak. tp menjelang sudah 1bulan sehabis pembukaan sy coba lagi makan disana dgn menu yg sama, rasanya makin menurun, sy kira mungkin hanya lagi apes aja, jadi bbrp hari kemudian sy balik lagi, tp ternyata rasanya sama saja,kecewa dgn makanan yg gak enak,sy gak pernah balik lagi.

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