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February 28, 2006 | Chinese Cuisine, West Jakarta, With Pork

Last Sunday After the tea ceremony, we had lunch at AHwa Chinese Restaurant. Located in DutaMas Housing complex, I always like this complex since they got a lot of delicious food especially Medanese food. Ahwa was one of the most popular restaurant here, serving Chinese food with a very reasonable price. always very crowded at lunch/dinner time.


After seated in the 2nd floor, we ordered : “Paikut saos madu” 35K, “Ayam Semboi” 35K, “Tahu siram ebi” 20K, “Lindung cabe kering” 30K, “Kerapu tim saos Tio Ciu” 65K & one kind of vegetable 20K. 🙂

A Hwa
Jl. Tubagus Angke
Komp. Taman Duta Mas
Block C 1A No.19-20,
Jakarta barat
telp: 5676080 -5676081

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  • silverfangs

    Hi, such a neat blog you have here!
    My friend told me about this site and honestly I’m quite surprised to find an Indonesian foodie blog (sort of..coz you talk about other stuff too).
    Anyway, I’m now in the US but A Hwa is actually pretty near to where I lived. I went there several times and really enjoyed the considerably cheap and great Chinese food. All the pics just make me drool all over my keyboard….
    I’ll definitely will be following this blog with envy because I miss Indonesian food!!! (~>_

  • Jenz

    thx ya silverfangs, sering2 maen kesini ya,
    btw keyboardnya jangan lupa di lap 🙂

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