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September 27, 2005 | JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine, Noodle, South Jakarta

Last Friday, actually we planned to attend a wedding party, but unfortunately we forgot the actual date, the wedding is on 30th sept. So SC took me to ‘Ajihara’ instead.

Ajihara was located at Melawai street, the street was full of Japanese & Korean restaurant, pub & karaoke. Actually the interior was decorated in Japanese style, but not the luxurious one, but more like the kind of ‘warung’, but it feels cozy . This place visited mostly by Japanese ex-pat who want to spend some times with their colleagues after work.

We ordered OyakoDon (38K) and Ki Soba (47K). when we waited for our meal to arrive, they gave us a plate of complimentary dish… mmm very fresh delicious also a free flow of Ocha. The meal was very delicious in a great portion 😛 I thought this was the most authentic Japanese cuisine I have ever tasted so far and I promised my self to be back soon …. Oishiiiii 🙂

Japanese Restaurant

Jl. Melawai IX No.3A. Blok M
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta
Phone. 021 7208149

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  • chiko

    Ajihara….oishiiiiii neh!!

  • chiko

    kalau mau makan soba dan ramen yang mienya handmade dan bercitra rasa japanese asli..nggaak salah deh kalo mo nyobain di ajihara…7201340…sushi dan sashiminya juga enak dan fresh…di jamin ciamik deh!!!

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