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March 4, 2008 | JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine, South Jakarta, With Pork


3 weeks ago, on Valentine’s day, we had dinner with several friends at Ajihara, an old school Japanese izakaya located at Melawai area. This place is our favorite spot when we want to have real Japanese cuisine, and it’s mostly frequented by Japanese expatriates. That’s why I think the place is authentic (compared to the famous & chic: sushi tei or other Japanese restaurants inside Jakarta’s many shopping centres).


Whenever we ate here, we never bothered to look at the menu. The waiter here already knew what we wanted to order. She suggested several dishes and we just agreed with her pick. Below are the menus that we usually order : beef/pork ramen 38K, gyutan (ox tongue) 38K, ika shoyu yaki (squid) 35K, assorted sashimi (with fresh wasabi) 110K, horenzo/enoki butter 23K, yaki meshi (Japanese fried rice) 38K, yaki gyoza 27K, yakitori 47K, soft shell crab 50K and salmon sashimi 75K. usually they also gave us a complimentary dish such as chicken wings. Overall I think the price was quite moderate.The service is good, and most of the dishes are very delicious. 🙂

Aji Hara Japanese Restaurant
Jl. Melawai IX No. 3A Blok M
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 7201340

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  • Edwin

    Salam kenal.
    Seharusnya restoran seperti Ajihara dan Kikugawa ini lebih diperkenalkan ke kalangan penikmat makanan jepang yang kebanyakan makan di resto2 Jepang fusion yang sekarang banyak bermunculan.
    Di sini lebih feel Jepangnya.

  • herru

    sayang ya di surabaya belum ada 🙁

  • diana

    keliatan enak ya, tp ada juga Marufuku Japanese Restaurant di area situ juga enak. boleh coba deh sekali2.

  • revie

    one of our fave place
    seru kalo wknd yg dateng banyak kluarga (ada ibu2 dan anak2 jpg-nya). bagus u/ anak2 saling interaksi. nga hanya skedar makan, tp blajar culture jg.

  • Reza

    Just came back from trying the place.The food was good, authentically Japanese and reasonably priced. The place was nice, kayak ngak lagi di Jakarta aja rasanya. Spent hours there just chatting with a friend.The service was good also. Thanks for sharing about this place. Will definitely go back there sometime.

  • Daniel Prawira

    Jenz, few days ago I found this small japanese restaurant near Ajihara location, they serves seafood based japanese food only, their saba shioyaki is really fresh and good, also the maguro sashimi, really recommended jenz. The name is Kaihomaru Japanese Restaurant. I think u shld try it jenz, another good authentic japanese food.

  • fancyfoodvictim

    di ajihara menu yang ada porknya yg mana aja? curry rice ama ramennya ada gaaakk?? thanks

  • Amanda

    Dear jenz, is ajihara still open? I tried to call all their number that i can find on the internet to make reservation but cannot get through. Maybe you have their number? Thx

  • Jenz

    @Amanda: unfortunately they have already close 🙁

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