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August 31, 2017 | Central jakarta, Chicken/Beef/Mutton, JAKARTA, Middle East Cuisine, No Pork

We chose to sit on the second floor as it is the designated non-smoking area. The interior of the place is quite interesting. It feels luxurious with nice floor design, wall decor, lush carpet and colorful Arabian mosaic/pendant lamp here and there. There are also several cubicles with carpet and pillows on the floor for those who eschew chairs and table setting.

We started by ordering moussaka laham (lamb) 86K. Moussaka is a layered eggplant-based dish with minced lamb meat, baked with bechamel sauce and parmesan on top. We also ordered something called muqabilat/mezze 99K which is a mixed selection of small dishes like labneh (yogurt with lemon juice & salt), hummus (mashed chickpeas dip), baba ganoush (mashed eggplant with tahini) and tabouleh (a dish made of tomatoes, finely chopped parsley, mint, bulgur and onion). All of the appetizers arrived on the table accompanied with pita bread with pocket that can be used to stuff the appetizer inside. All of the appetizers tasted great, they were well-seasoned, fresh and light.

For the main course, we chose ruz mandhi lamb (traditional Hadramout, Yemen rice dish cooked with spices in a tandoor and served with two lamb pieces) regular size 119K. I love the basmati rice here and the lamb meat was tender and flavorful. We also ordered lamb curry (cooked in Indian style) 84K, which also tasted rich and the lamb meat was tender.

For the drink we picked shahi maghrebi / Morrocan mint tea 58K served in a very fancy teapot and tray. The drink is served in tiny glasses and you can add some sugar since Morrocan mint tea is traditionally sweetened with sugar, but I think I enjoyed it better without sugar. We didn’t order desserts because I often heard that middle eastern desserts tend to be very sweet (please correct me if I am wrong).

Overall, we enjoyed our time at Al Jazeerah Signature Restaurant & Lounge, I especially love the food and the ambience. I still want to return here to try other middle eastern dishes, but I think reservation is required as the place seems to be crowded at night / during holidays.

Al Jazeerah Signature Restaurant and Lounge
Jl. Johar No.8 Menteng
Central Jakarta 10340

Phone. +62(21) 31907590
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10AM-1AM

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