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November 16, 2006 | Central jakarta, JAKARTA, Middle East Cuisine

Last week we had lunch at “Al Nafoura” located at Le Meridien hotel, the restaurant served an authentic Lebanese cuisine. The restaurant was decorated in a warm and cozy middle-east interior, there’s a big traditional oven in the semi open kitchen.

Al Nafoura

When studied the menu we saw that there’s a promo: November Business Set Lunch for only 95K++ per person. So that is what we order. The lunch menu included : cold mezzehs – ” tabouleh” (flat parsley salad with fresh tomato, cracked wheat, lemon juice and olive oil) and “hommos” (pureed chick peas with sesame paste served with olive oil), while for the main course we can choose from “kofta haiabi” (charcoal grilled minced lamb with sumac powder, pine nuts and cumin served with your choice : oriental rice or lemon roast potatoes and garlic sauce) or oriental “dejaj meshwoui” (charcoal grilled marinated chicken in lemon juice and fresh garlic, coriander and marinated spicy oranges), and for the dessert we got “om – ali” (baked pudding of bread, nuts and raisins with honey). The tabouleh and hommos were served as a dipping with freshly baked pita bread, it was delicious, so was the main course, the dish was served in a generous portion, I noticed that the meal wasn’t oily at all, maybe because it was grilled. But the dessert was a little too sweet for me

Al Nafoura
Le Meridien Hotel
Jl. Jend Sudirman kav 18-20
Jakarta 10220

ph. +62(21) 2513131
fx. +62(21) 5711633

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  • Reza

    Wow looks good Jen, Enak mana antara ayam sama lambnya. Cuman boleh milih satu kan? Itu set menu udah sama minum belum? Pingin kesana takut mahal tapi.

  • jenz

    sama enaknya… tapi porsi ayamnya lebih gede hehehe.. set menunya blom termasuk minum.. kalo saran gw sih mending pesen still water aja.. gratis..
    makanan di al nafoura menurut gw harganya cukup reasonable kok, untuk main coursenya sekitar 40-50an..

  • Anonymous

    Wah thanks jen, be sure to check it out. Might even go there tonight. IF only i had a camera like you to take shots. Boleh tau merk and model ga? Have you ever had problems taking pictures of the food, i mean i had times when the resto owners stared at me for taking shot with a camera phone. Some actually said we weren’t allowed to take pictures.

  • Elisa sutanudjaja

    Pengen balik situ lagi ..
    nyulik sop yukk …
    Gimana kalau Sabtu ? Bareng nonton jiffest ?
    Atau kita bikin plan nonton + Makan ? hehehehe …

  • Jenz

    hahaha.. yuk yuk.. tapi mending nyobain lebanese yang di sabang lis.. buat perbandingan.. sepanjang jalan sabang kan penuh makanan…

  • Meutia

    Ini kenapa dimasukin ke kategori INDIAN cuisine??!!

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