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March 21, 2016 | Bandung, Beverages, INDONESIAN CUISINE, West Java Cuisine

I’d heard and seen many pics with the hashtag #ngopidihutan showing a coffee shop with a forest setting. The place is called Armor Kopi located right at the edge of Taman Hutan Rakyat (THR) Ir. H Djuanda Bandung. Since we’re in Bandung, we decided to give this place a try and we went up there after breakfast. It was not hard to find Armor Kopi and the entrance is just by the main road with a large parking lot for visitors to the forest.

I don’t really have a high expectation about this place. I thought it is popular merely because of the scenic view, but when I entered the wooden building bearing the sign Armor Kopi, I saw that they are actually quite serious about their coffee. There are 3 kinds of coffee varieties available (arabica, robusta & liberica) with a huge selection of single origin coffee beans from all over Indonesia. There isn’t any fancy espresso machine around, which means they only serve manual brew/pourover with V60, Vietnam Drip, French Press or Aeropress.


The baristas were friendly and happy to help us find what to try based on what we like in our coffee. So that day, we chose to have a cup of Padang Sunda blend, Latimojong, Yahukimo Papua, all brewed with V60 and a cup of green tea. I also ordered a portion of bitter ballen to share.


After ordering, we took a seat outside facing the scenery of tall trees. Our order arrived after a while and we started drinking. It was very nice. My Padang Sunda brew had a medium acidity just like the way I like it. SC’s Latimojong brew was bright and clean tasting, while our friend’s Yahukimo Papua brew turned out to have a low acidity with a floral hint. The bitterballen also tasted good, but I think the coffee was better paired with the soft chocolate cake we brought from a bakery in town.


We like the Yahukimo Papua so much I decided to buy some of the beans to take home. The barista told me that they roasted their own coffee beans which they sourced directly from farmers. In other words, they’re trying to help Indonesian coffee farmers. I think it’s a very good idea and we can do our part by enjoying a cup of coffee at Armor Kopi.

Armor Kopi
Taman Hutan Raya (THR) Ir. H. Djuanda
West Java
Opening Hours 8AM – 9PM

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