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July 23, 2013 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, North Jakarta, Seafood


Last week, we went to this seafood place called Aroma Sop Seafood located in Muara Karang traditional market complex. There’s no prominent sign in front of the place, but it’s the only seafood place in this area, so I think it’ll be easy to find. We heard about this place from SC’s friend who came here with her family and then recommended it to us. When we passed by during weekend several weeks ago, the place was so crowded with customers, so we decided to visit this place on weekdays.

AromaSop Seafood Rajungan

It was still early for dinner when we arrived at 5 PM. This is not a pretentious place and there is really no decor to speak of, but surprisingly they have a separate air conditioned non-smoking section. We made our order in front of the place then went inside to find a table. The staff here were quite knowledgeable. They can suggest whether our orders are adequate for us and the best cooking method for the seafood we wanted. So we decided to order rajungan (also known as flower crab), as it’s a fresh live seafood, we decided to have it steamed. We also order ikan baronang bakar (grilled Siganus sp), fried squids, daun ubi cah terasi (cassava leaves stir-fried in spicy fermented prawn sauce), and about 500 g of life prawn to be fried.

  • aroma-sop-seafood-cumi-goreng
  • aroma-sop-seafood-daun-ubi-cah-terasi
  • aroma-sop-seafood-ikan-baronang-bakar
  • aroma-sop-seafood-rajungan-rebus
  • aroma-sop-seafood-udang-goreng

We found out that there are four kinds of chili sauce available on the table: sambal terasi (spicy chili sauce made with fermented chili paste), sambal kecap (chili sauce with sweet soy sauce), sambal dabu dabu (spicy and sour chili sauce popular in North Sulawesi) and sambal kencong (chili sauce made with torch ginger flower). The last two chili sauce were so good that we had to ask for a refill. The rajungan rebus we ordered turned out to be the highlight of the night. The meat was sumptuous, sweet, fresh, and easily removed from its shell. The fried prawn also tasted great, and the same goes to the fish and other dishes we ordered that night. All of it plus ice teas and steamed rice for 4 people cost about 385K, I think it was quite affordable and we are already making plans to return soon.

AromaSop Seafood
Jl. Muara Karang Blok Z3 Timur No.7
(enter from Auto2000)
North Jakarta
ph. +62 (21) 66604433, 6618902

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  • duniabiru

    some menu to try :

    1. Udang Tiger Bakar Rica
    2. Ikan Alu-2 Bakar Cabe Hijau
    3. Ikan Kerapu/Jenaha Tim Nyonya

    Coba deh seharusnya ketagihan…. All are highly recommended

  • Agus

    Went there on sat night. Had stomach flu on sunday.

  • Merly Mariane (@merlymariane)

    I want to second duniabiru’s comment.
    Their Ikan alu-alu cabe hijau and ikan tim nyonya are to-die-for.

  • Lilian

    Hidden Gem for seafood lovers. Very cheap.
    Yes the alu-alu cabe hijau dan tim nyonya are very recommended. I love the cumi telur asin, steamed prawns and kepa tauco. Went there many times and never had problem though.

  • lira

    went there so many times, crowd is crazy.. 😀

    Would recommend their cumi telur goreng garam .. its addictive combined with the selections of chillis ^^

  • Web Design Jakarta

    menurut saya di muara karang inilah seafood favorit saya, walaupun harga yang di tawarkan cukup mahal, namun setara dengan rasa dan posri nya yg cukup banyak

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